My First “Triathlon” of 2013

Last Sunday I completed my first “triathlon” of 2013…it was an unofficial triathlon since I swam 1800 yards in the pool, went home and did some housework and then went out for my BRick…32.44 miles on the bike and 3.24 miles on the run.  You may have already had the experience of reading about my swim, which was definitely not my most mentally focused performance, but the bike and run have yet to be examined.

We started out on the bike with 7 people and headed east into the wind.  It was fun to have so many people to ride with, but this also posed a challenge…I was supposed to ride for 30 minutes in zone 3.  This didn’t happen…Unless I was in the lead pulling the pack or fall way off the back (which I tried, but eventually caught up with the pack), the draft zone did not provide for a zone 3 effort.  Regardless, I felt like I had a great ride…one of the best I’ve had recently!!

Kris, Allen, Ed, Tim R, my husband and me early on in the ride.
Kris, Allen, Ed, Tim R, my husband and me early on in the ride.

After the bike came the run…I had a 30 minute run after riding.  I took our puppy, Basil, with me for the first 15 minutes to try to acclimate her to running with people.  She did great!!  We started off at a 9:51 pace for the first mile.  I dropped her off at about 1.5 miles and went out for a second loop to finish my 30 minutes of run time.  My second mile was a 9:30 pace and the last 1.24 miles were at an 8:57 pace.  I felt GREAT and had a blast!!

Basil and me after the run
Basil and me after the run

This “triathlon” reminded me of why I love this sport…every workout is a new experience and I get the endorphin high that keeps me coming back for more.  Yes…I am an endorphin junkie and triathlon is my drug!!


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