Racing Bucket List #2…What difficult a decision!!

I have been going back and forth between two locations for my racing bucket list #2 race…stay in the country and participate in a triathlon (which is where my heart always goes) at a breath-taking venue, or leave the country and participate in a marathon (which, to me, is not nearly as appealing as a triathlon…sorry goes out to the Midwestern Gent for this) at an amazing location…Hmmm…

I polled my husband to see what his top choice would be and why…Here is his decision:

Dublin Marathon…yes, it is in Ireland…hence the amazing location…His decision was based solely on leaving the country 🙂  How does this affect my decision…it doesn’t.  I just wanted to see what his decision would be 🙂

My decision…

dublin marathonI agree with my husband on this one, although my decision was made before I ever polled him.  My rationale…only because of the appeal to leave the country and visit a new land.  I do enjoy running marathons (if I didn’t, I wouldn’t keep running them), but my heart lies with triathlon.  So what was that triathlon that also grabbed my attention…you’ll just have to wait for Racing Bucket List #3!!


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