Ironman Kansas 70.3 Race Goals

“Triathlon is about pain – how you endure it and the mechanisms you put in place to deal with it when it comes.”

                           ~Chris McCormack

This coming Sunday I am racing Ironman Kansas 70.3.  I have done a lot of thinking about my race goals for this race, and while I do have time goals in mind, I feel it is much more critical for me to focus on performance goals to help me achieve a PR…

1. Be patient with myself…I will remain steadfast despite opposition, difficulty or adversity throughout the race.

2. Believe in myself and my abilities…I will trust myself, my training and my ability to meet and conquer challenges that may arise.  By believing in myself and my abilities, I will effectively execute my race and have the best race experience I can.

3. Be focused & relaxed…I will focus on the factors that I can control and control my reaction to any factors that are out of my control.

4. Be strong & tough…I will have uncompromising determination even if faced with challenges throughout the race.

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