Bike Adjustments 101

Wednesday I went out for what was to be a 90-120 minute bike ride, but Mojo was a little angry with me.  I had changed her wheels (from race ready to training ready), which required a few minor adjustments.  The derailleur was rubbing on the chain, so I made some adjustments…oops…I just made it worse…Let’s try this…oops…now she won’t shift into the big ring…I’m sorry Mojo…she went from frustrated to angry to irate in a matter of a few minutes.

What does one do when she is on the road and has a VERY angry bike…call a bike savvy friend…PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Lucky for me, this bike savvy friend was home and able to get Mojo to sing a much happier song.  He had to readjust many of the things I had changed back to the way they were before fixing the initial problem…the derailleur rubbing on the chain.

I learned a few lessons:

Lesson 1:  Have a bike mechanic or bike savvy friend on speed dial and don’t be afraid to call them!!

Lesson 2:  Don’t adjust anything if you don’t know what it will change or what is going to happen if it is adjusted…especially when you are out on the road.  Take your bike to a knowledgable individual or bike shop to get the bike in working order.

Lesson 3:  An angry bike makes for a much more challenging bike ride.  Happy bikes make happy riders.

To my bike savvy friend…THANK YOU for making Mojo much happier and getting me back out on the road!!  Mojo thanks you too!!

Mojo in her road wheels singing a happy tune!!
Mojo in her road wheels singing a happy tune!!

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