Part of the Journey…Not the Destination

This last Saturday I was scheduled to run for 3 hours or 20 miles (which ever came first).  I started out the morning a little off…I didn’t eat breakfast (which is very unusual for me) because I was running late to meet my fellow runners and I wasn’t hungry.  Even when I’m not hungry, I usually try to eat something anyway knowing I’ll need the calories, but Saturday morning was an exception.  😦

At about mile 3 of the run, I started to feel my energy levels really start to drop, so I choked down a couple of my Clif Shot Bloks (they usually taste great, but not this morning).  I kept running, but by mile 7 my heart rate was through the roof and I had to walk a bit to get it down.  I was just running at my endurance pace, so nothing that should have taxed my system like this, but I really struggled to keep my heart rate in check the rest of the run.  I took in nutrition a couple more times…not because I wanted it, but because I knew I needed it.  Yuck…still didn’t taste good.  😦

At about mile 12 I decided I wasn’t going to try to finish the 3 hours/20 miles.  With my marathon only 3 weeks away and another 3 hour/20 mile run scheduled for this coming weekend, I decided this run was part of my journey and not my destination.  With an accelerated heart rate and lack of appetite, I decided to play it safe and run/walk back to my car (which was still roughly 4 miles away).  I consider my destinations to be the races I compete in, but they are actually also just part of my journey…the journey of life.

journey vs destination

2 thoughts on “Part of the Journey…Not the Destination

    1. Thanks Crystal!! Sometimes it’s hard to think logically when you are in the midst of the situation. I know what I am suppose to do to complete a workout and want to do everything in my power to make that happen, but sometimes my body has other plans. That’s when it is hard to “give in” to what the body is “saying” instead of what the mind wants…

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