WordPress Family Award

I was recently awarded the “WordPress Family Award” by both Simone and Jim.  I am honored and humbled to receive such recognition.  wpfamilyaward

Simone is an amazing, strong, talented woman challenging herself to become a more healthy and fit athlete by taking on the Ironman journey.  I know she is not only going to one day cross that Ironman finish line grinning from ear to ear, but she will continue to inspire me and many others while on this journey.  I encourage you to check out her blog at Melt Down to Ironman.

Jim is an incredibly talented and knowledgable cyclist.  I envy his cycling abilities and his motivational drive to get out the door almost every day in any weather conditions.  I encourage you to check out his blog at Fit Recovery.

As a nominee of this award, it is now my responsibility to pass the torch.  While every blog I follow deserves this award, I unfortunately can not nominate everyone.  I have chosen the following 10 nominees:

  1. Erin at Sweet Sweat Life
  2. Adam at Chasing 42
  3. Melissa at What IF Gourmet
  4. Randy at Now is the Winter of Our Discontent
  5. Mike at Crushing Iron
  6. Bob at Iowa Tri Bob
  7. Katie at Wyobraska Tandem
  8. Christian at TriGive
  9. Cason at Getting to 140.6
  10. Sandra at Promise to Dad

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