Running in Cotton = BAD

Friday, October 11, we had a “Spirit Run” at Ames Middle School with 971 middle school students (6th, 7th and 8th graders) running the 2.4 miles and celebrating our school spirit.  The students and staff were given cotton t-shirts to wear for the day.  I decided to run with the students and provided my 29 homeroom students with a challenge…I would give those individuals who could beat me to the finish line a treat of their choosing.  I ran the 2.4 miles in 16:03 giving me an average pace of 6:41/mile.  I was super stoked with my performance…AND…no one in my homeroom beat me 🙂

Ames Spirit Run

While I was very happy with my run, I was NOT at all happy with the cotton t-shirt that I ran in!!  While it was only 2.4 miles, it was a very strong reminder for why I don’t exercise in cotton.  UGH!!  It trapped in the heat, didn’t wick my sweat away and chaffed under my arms.  While I can’t remember the last time I ran in cotton (prior to this run), I can guarantee that I won’t be running in cotton again anytime soon!!

4 thoughts on “Running in Cotton = BAD

    1. Thanks Erin!! When you have a bunch of middle schoolers to run with, you end up running faster than planned. Maybe I should have taken them all with me to Indianapolis and then strategically placed them along the course to run with me a bit 🙂

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