Ignite My Mind, Body and Soul

I went to hot yoga Friday evening for the first time in almost 7 months.  I am not sure why I ever took a break from it, but I was quickly reminded of why I LOVE hot yoga…it is detoxing, it is a good strength workout, it gets me a good stretch, it relieves stress, it helps me focus on my breath, I feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards, I sleep better afterwards, it reminds me not to pass judgement on myself or others, it reminds me to accept where I currently am and not focus on the past or the future…The list goes on and on.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 7.20.48 PMWhen I don’t want to do a workout, that is when I typically really need to do it, so I have to keep this in mind when I decide that I want to skip hot yoga in the future…or any other workout 😉

Sunday’s hot yoga experience was just as fulfilling as Friday night’s and I’m glad that I pushed myself out the door both times.  While Ironman training, I will definitely have to be mindful of getting to hot yoga at least once a week!!  It is great for the mind, body and soul!!

2 thoughts on “Ignite My Mind, Body and Soul

  1. The warm + cozy yoga studio definitely feels good on a cold, winter day. With more of these days in the not so distant future, I think I’ll be hitting the yoga studio more, Erin!! 🙂

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