Are 4500 Calories Worth It?

Thanksgiving is a time for family, traditions, indulgences and for some people, extra pounds.  😦

The average Thanksgiving meal rings in at a whopping 4500 calories.  That is more than 2 days worth of calories for me in ONE meal.  Lucky for me, my waist and my clothes, I am not a big fan of the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Turkey is boring, white potatoes aren’t really my thing, I can live without gravy, green bean casserole should just be fresh green beans (nothing from the can), stuffing is ok…although loaded with unnecessary calories, candied yams should not be candied at all, cranberry sauce should just be homemade dried cranberries without all of the extra sugar, pumpkin pie should just be steamed pumpkin…I’m not a fan of the crust anyway…basically, there’s NOT a single thing about the Thanksgiving meal that I truly LOVE.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE food, but just not the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  I would rather spend these calories on sushi…YUMMY!!

We can spend quality time with family on Thanksgiving doing a variety of other things that are not consuming mass quantities of food loaded in fat and unnecessary calories.  Here are just a few things I would rather do than sit around a buffet table all day long and gorge myself:

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Play a game of flag football
  3. Play a game of Twister
  4. Play a board game
  5. Put together a puzzle
  6. Play cards together
  7. Volunteer at the local community kitchen serving a meal to those who don’t have any place else to go for the Holiday
  8. Sledding with my nieces (if there is snow on the ground)
  9. Making homemade Christmas ornaments
  10. Go snowshoeing with the Iron Hippie and the dogs (if there is enough snow on the ground)

Are 4500 calories worth it to you?  What fun activities do you participate in on Thanksgiving Day?

9 thoughts on “Are 4500 Calories Worth It?

      1. I’m not sure I burn that many calories running a marathon…I think I’m closer to the 3500 mark, so I would have to do an Ultra to burn off all those calories 😉 You have a great Thanksgiving as well!!

    1. True…although I’m not sure if I would burn that many calories in a 30 mile run…I might need to run a little farther and no, I am not offering to do so 🙂

  1. I always pass on mashed potatoes + gravy, green bean casserole and stuffing and load up on turkey, roasted squash and roasted brussels, bacon + apples. I’d rather save the calories for a piece of pie 🙂 Love your alternatives to sitting around a table all day! I’d rather do those, too! On tap tomorrow morning: trainer ride + a swim!

    Have a lovely thanksgiving and long weekend, lady!

    1. Thanks Erin!! I’m off to hot yoga followed by strength training. Then we’ll have a couple hours with the family, a long walk with the dogs in the woods and an evening with friends. I hope you have a fantabulous long weekend as well!!

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