Racing Bucket List #4

This race is actually in a tie for #1 on my bucket list, but my OCD tendencies have me listing it as #4…they must be in numerical order. 🙂

How BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?!
How magnificently BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?!

IRONMAN Canada has recently snuck onto my racing radar.  What intrigues me about IRONMAN Canada???  Here are just a few things:

  1. It is in Whistler, BC, Canada…the Official Alpine Skiing Venue for the 2010 winter Olympics.  I have never been to Canada, but have always wanted to go.  What better reason than to race IRONMAN Canada?!?!?!?
  2. IRONMAN Canada is held in late July, which is a perfect time to race for a school teacher.  I will be off school during the hardest part of my training.  I will not have to take time off of work to race.  We can make a longer vacation out of it (instead of only being allowed to take two paid vacation days if I were in school).
  3. The bike course…112 mile one loop course with 4213 feet of climbing.  I love climbing on the bike and having a more challenging course that provides a variety of things to keep me mentally focused.
  4. The run course…the 26.2 mile run course is two loops.  It is a relatively flat run course with only 699 feet of climbing.  After 112 miles of cycling on a rather hilly course, a relatively flat run will be a welcomed change.
  5. The swim…will happen in the beautiful clear waters of Alta Lake.  With water temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, it is a perfect temperature for the 2.4 mile wetsuit legal swim.
  6. I love the mountains…this will provide for some amazing views while on the bike and run.  (Since my face will be in the water during the swim, I don’t anticipate seeing much of the beautiful scenery while swimming.)
  7. I’m always up for a challenge…IRONMAN is always a challenge.  It doesn’t matter where the race venue is or what the day brings, when you race for 140.6 miles, you are bound to encounter challenges along the way.

I’m thinking IRONMAN Canada 2016…who’s with me????

11 thoughts on “Racing Bucket List #4

    1. I actually thought about 2015, but I’m not sure the Iron Hippie would be game with IRONMAN training two years in a row… Start looking for that ultra and we’ll get a plan in place!!

  1. I’m absolutely in for IM Canada again! The course is spectacular… I cannot stop thinking about it 🙂 Almost wish I were racing there in 2014 instead of IM Wisconsin! The IM website is off on the bike + run climbing, too… my Garmin clocked about 6,000 on the bike and about 2,000 on the run 🙂

    1. Thanks for the info Erin!! I’m definitely looking at it for the near future!! If I can convince the Iron Hippie, I may register for 2015…we’ll see 🙂 I raced IMWI in 2011…you WON’T be disappointed!! You need to be mentally focused for the entire bike ride and the midwest hospitality is AWESOME!!

  2. I definitely say you should DO IT!!! I loved the entire course but especially the run. Part of it was on soft trails, which my joints always appreciate 🙂
    Vancouver’s usually a good hub to fly into, too!

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