Happy Winter Solstice 2013

I am so glad that the shortest day of the year is here.  I look forward to moving past this day of the year every winter.  I am definitely looking forward to gaining slightly more daylight everyday!!  I know I won’t notice it for a while, but just keeping the idea in mind that everyday is getting longer than the last makes me happy 🙂

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!!

Winter solstice

12 thoughts on “Happy Winter Solstice 2013

  1. I know the days will get longer, but the days here will also get colder and snowier. Ugh. Happy Special Day, either way! Come back SUNSHINE!
    Winter Solstice sneaks up on me so quickly. . . .

    1. Sandra, the days do get colder and snowier here as well. I just keep reminding myself that the longer hours of daylight mean spring will be here before we know it!!

      1. YAY!
        Indeed. Now, It’s 5pm and dark. I will retreat to the basement to ride my bike trainer and watch MISSING with Sissy Spacek . . . that’ll keep me going.

      1. Yuck is right!! We got 6″ yesterday and today the high windchill temp is only suppose to be -20. Tomorrow’s not much better. I just have to think spring 😉

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