Strengths vs. Weaknesses

My main focus for 2014 is Ironman Wisconsin.  I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses when it comes to triathlon training and racing.

Strengths:  Swimming and Running

Swimming…Growing up on Lake Okoboji, I have been swimming since I was VERY young.  I am not the fastest swimmer, but I am consistent…I can swim at a steady, comfortable pace for hours.  I know swimming is a strength of mine, but I still have plenty of room for growth and I definitely want to get faster in the water.

Running…In 2004 I ran my first race.  I definitely wasn’t fast, I had no idea what to expect and I had no idea where my running would take me.  But, over the course of nearly 10 years, I have gotten stronger and faster.  I want to continue to get stronger, more powerful and faster on the run so that I will have a strong finish at Ironman Wisconsin 2014!!

Weaknesses:  Biking and Mental Focus

Biking…I am definitely not a strong cyclist, but I work hard on every ride to push myself to be faster, stronger, more powerful and more confident on the bike.  In 2014, I will get out and ride more in all kinds of conditions and with people who will push me to become a stronger and more confident cyclist.  The more I ride, the stronger and more confident I will become.

Mental Focus…When I first started training and racing, mental focus was not even on my radar.  I really haven’t spent much time on mental training until this last year.  In 2013, I spent quite a bit of time on mental preparation and it really paid off.  I felt stronger, I had multiple PRs and I had fun in the process.  In 2014, I will spend time everyday mentally preparing and building confidence in myself to be the best I can be!!

I am determined to work hard and spend more time in 2014 making my weaknesses morph into strengths 🙂

weakness morph to strength

As an athlete, what weaknesses would you like to see morph into strengths???

17 thoughts on “Strengths vs. Weaknesses

    1. I saw some huge benefits on race day during my 2013 races by incorporating mental toughness into my training plan. I was sporadic at best with it, so I’m excited to see what happens when I incorporate it into my training plan on a more consistent basis!!

      1. Last year after each workout, I reflected on any negative thoughts I had while training and developed a way to twist it into a positive (whether that was thoughts, statements, self-talk, plan, etc). The next time those negative thoughts filtered into my training, I had a positive twist for it and I didn’t let it get me down. This helped tremendously on race day. For instance…constant head wind on the bike would break me down mentally and I would start feeding into the negative thoughts. Instead, I would say to myself, “I am strong. I am tough,” over and over again. I became stronger (both physically and mentally) and actually started to believe that I am strong and tough 🙂

  1. Biking is definitely my weakness of the three – but I need to remedy that by just spending more time on the bike! Great reflection and can’t see how 2014 goes!

    1. Thanks Abby!! I am the same way…I LOVE to ride my bike, but don’t like to push myself as hard as I should be when I ride. I like to take in the scenery and enjoy the ride 🙂

  2. I just recently discovered that my weakness is, when racing, to ease up when I start getting uncomfortable. So my mantra this year is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Too bad you can’t listen to music while doing triathlons….that would certainly seem to help!

    1. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is key to any race that we do. That was the title of my blog post for my most recent marathon and a mantra that I remind myself of frequently 🙂

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog! I love following Ironman training. I prefer running, but Ironman training is all about mental toughness and I find it fascinating! I am sure you are tougher than you think 🙂

  4. Super post! The key is knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are and facing them head on… and, you’re well on your way to turning your weaknesses into strengths! Mine is definitely swimming, but working on it. And, mental training… I think that’s the toughest – and most important! – of them all.

    1. I agree Erin…when you properly assess your strengths and weaknesses and focus on making your weaknesses strengths, you become a better person. Mental training is very tough, but it is the most important of all!! I have a few books that I’ve read to help coach me with mental training and I’ve seen huge improvements as a result. Baby steps…

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