Being Present

I have had many reminders lately about “being present” both on the mat and in life…some subtle, some not so subtle:

  • Attending Hot Yoga and being reminded to be present…focus on the here and now.  “Don’t think about what you were able to do during your last practice, but focus on where you are today.”
  • A friend posting on Facebook the following reminder:

Put the Phone Down

  • Another friend posting the following reminder on Facebook:

appreciate today

  • “Those who aren’t balanced in yoga are not balanced in life.”  This quote comes from the following article that made me reflect on being present not just on the mat, but also in life…

Balancing Act

Being present is sometimes a very difficult task to accomplish.

 What tips do you have for staying present either on the mat, in life, or both?

12 thoughts on “Being Present

    1. Laura, social media can be time consuming and addicting for some. Hopefully being mindful of it and present in our everyday lives will help prevent this. 😉

    1. I had the same experience a few years ago. New instructors, a new time in my life, new experiences…I’m not sure what has changed and why I am so much more open to it now, but hot yoga is what I really look forward to each week.

  1. I try and take a few moments out of each day, distraction free, to acknowledge my current thoughts and reflect on how I feel. I also find that when I am outside or doing something that I love, I am very much in the present state of mind. Ah, nature. 🙂

  2. Be present is one of my mantras! That said, it occasionally gets lost on the wayside, and I have to remind myself to be in the moment and not thinking about what’s happening a year from now or what’s going on on twitter / social media. I feel most present when I’m doing what I love: swimbikerun, my yoga mat or spending time with those dear to me 🙂 I also need to start writing in a gratitude journal everyday again!

    1. Swim, bike, run, strength, yoga, nature, family/friend time all help keep me present too, Erin!! I started writing in my gratitude journal (thanks to your prompting) every evening right before bed. I have noticed a huge improvement in staying focused both on the current day as a whole as well as throughout the day when different situations occur. Thank you for that recommendation 😉

  3. Being present is so important but also can be so hard in today’s society! I think for me it’s more of a ‘living in the now’ thing than a phone/social media thing. It’s hard to not always be focussed on what’s to come!

    1. I agree Abby…”living in the now” is what I struggle the most with as well. I also tend to pack too much into the now and can’t accomplish everything I had hoped to.

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