Monday I went to physical therapy and was finally released…YIPPEE!!  Granted, I have a few “instructions” I need to follow to stay injury free and out of the PT office…

  • Continue to strengthen my rectus abdominus muscles.
  • Improve my flexibility…thankfully hot yoga is helping with this.
  • Use the foam roller on my low back and upper glutes after exercise.
  • Call my physical therapist immediately if any signs or symptoms show up.

I think I can handle all of these instructions…Now, where are those running shoes?!?!?

What do you do to remain injury free and stay out of PT?

12 thoughts on “Instructions

      1. Ice baths help with recovery after a really intense workout. I don’t do them after every workout, but after a really long workout (a 6 hour bike ride or 3 hour run for example), or an interval workout where I am gassed at the end.

    1. Thanks Laura!! I do the slow warm-up, foam roller and ice-baths as well (I really don’t like the last one, but I always feel better afterwards). Unfortunately my biggest downfall was weak rectus abdominus muscles, which I thought were really strong. Apparently they can be stronger 😉

  1. I don’t run as much as most training plans would suggest. I love to run but it is hard on me. I hit the elliptical hard and often. I bike hard and often. I run intervals on Tuesdays. So far, so good (ok, maybe average).

    1. Sorry to hear you are injured Kristen!! I hope your recovery goes well and that you gain strength and “instructions” to keep you injury free in the future.

  2. That is awesome! I was too, but i am no better than a month ago. Well, a little more flexible, but still with pain. Oh well! Keep doing your exercises!!!

  3. That’s fantastic news! I wish I could say the same… so ready to be done wearing this boot. I’m also working on improving my flexibility and getting cozy with the foam roller 🙂

    1. I went through pt for about 8 weeks, so I’m excited to be cleared!! Flexibility and the foam roller are my nemesis, but I’m getting much better at them both 😉

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