Training in Fear

When I signed up for IRONMAN Wisconsin 2011, I was motivated to train and complete my workouts because I was afraid of the 140.6 mile distance.  The furthest race I had completed prior to IRONMAN Wisconsin was 70.3 miles…How on earth would I be able to complete double the distance?!?!?!?!  Thanks to a little fear of the distance, I put my best foot forward every day and completed most of my scheduled workouts.

I know that fear can be unhealthy, but I believe it can also be motivating and empowering.  It all depends on how you allow it to impact you.  I don’t allow fear to intimidate me; instead, I allow it to motivate and empower me to be the best version of myself that I can be.  I allow it to help me get my feet to the floor…I allow it to motivate me to complete my workouts…I allow it to push me to be my best while training and in my everyday life…I allow it to help me “keep moving forward.”

MLK Move Forward

When I signed up for IRONMAN Wisconsin 2014, I knew I was no longer afraid of the distance…I had already crossed the finish line at IRONMAN Wisconsin in 2011, so I knew I could do the distance.  Why then was I signing up again???  To have a “better” race…to push myself out of my comfort zone…to continue to find that better version of myself…to experience a different journey on my way to the IRONMAN finish line.

So what motivates me now to complete my workouts as I race for IMWI???  Why FEAR of course…fear of getting too lackadaisical with my training and therefore not being adequately prepared to put my best foot forward on race day.

What motivates you to complete your workouts?


Week #3 (Base Training) Totals:

Swim:  6200 yards

Bike:  15.9 miles (I only had one bike ride this week 😦 )

Run:  20.05 miles

Strength Training:  2 hours & 45 minutes

Hot Yoga:  1 hour & 30 minutes (I only made it to one class this week 😦 )

Week #3 in the green 😉

14 thoughts on “Training in Fear

  1. Be very very scared 😉 haha…. I know the exact feeling… and I never wanted to listen to people who said things like a “full” is easier than a “half” because of the pacing. But on some level, I think that is true. Crazy how something like a half ironman can be turned into a “sprint” in your mind. Stay the course and let that fear turn into confidence.

    1. Good advice Mike. The half IM has become more of a “sprint” in my mind since I’ve completed a full IM. I am determined to turn my fear into confidence this time around 🙂

  2. I love the MLK Jr quote – and my fear is that I’ll gain weight! I trust my body to do pretty much anything, but hate the idea of gaining weight!

  3. I do fear the half I’m going at Pigman. Actually, it’s not the half I fear; it’s me I fear. I fear something will go wrong and I won’t finish and I won’t handle it well. To help combat that fear, here’s what I have posted where I can see it every day:

    Decide that you want it more than you fear it. (Bill Cosby)

    F-E-A-R has two meanings. a) Forget Everything and Run or b) Face Everything and Rise. I am choosing the latter.

  4. Great post. Fear can definitely fuel and energize the body. When ever I am preparing to do a big race, my husband reminds me that fear and nerves are a good thing because 1) it means that I am doing something challenging and important, and 2) it means that I am going to put forth the effort to win over that fear.

    What made you choose IM Wisconsin again, instead of trying a new/different IM course?

    1. I like how your husband thinks Kristen!! I had a rough go at IRONMAN Wisconsin 2011 and want some revenge on this course. I am definitely going to do IM Canada in the future (and hopefully a few others), but have to revisit Wisconsin first 😉

  5. I love that quote, and how applicable it is to training and racing instead of just life!
    Each time I have raced the IM distance I am scared! It’s just such a beast. But that fear propelled me to train to lessen the chances of not finishing.

    1. That is exactly why I am letting my fear allow me to train smarter, harder and hopefully better prepare me for this IRONMAN competition. Thank Abby 🙂

  6. Some great words of motivation!!! Thanks! What’s currently motivating me is the feeling of knowing that I did ALL the work I could do to prepare for my race and knowing that I didn’t half-ass anything. Then I can look back at the result, no matter what it turns out to be, with no regrets.

    1. That is exactly what my plan is as well Kelli!! I too am hoping to do “ALL the work I can to prepare for my race” and have no regrets on race day 😉

  7. Such a great post… thanks for the inspiration, Kecia! I think fear keeps us honest and on our toes, ready for anything that’s thrown our way both in life and training. I’m motivated similarly to you… to test my limits and see just how far I can push myself 🙂 One of my favorite quotes, too 🙂

    1. Thanks Erin!! I have to keep myself accountable and if fear is what does it, then I’m good with that…should mean I’ll be ready for September 7th 😉

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