Attitude Adjustment

Wednesday was the kind of day that made me question if I am making a difference, why I went to work, if I am in the right job and even if I am in the best career for me.  Upon leaving work, I had everything with me to go to the pool and swim, but I was in such a foul mood that I drove home instead.

When I walked in the door, I was happily greeted by our two black labs, but even they couldn’t adjust my attitude.  The Iron Hippie was at hot yoga, so the dogs and my own mind were all I had to occupy me.  After about 30 minutes of wallowing in my own bad mood, I decided to head to the pool and do that swim anyway.

While it wasn’t the best swim (I felt slow and felt like my form was a bit aloof), it did make my mind focus on something other than my horrific day.  By the time my swim ended, I had an attitude adjustment and went home a much happier camper…even the dogs noticed 😉

attitude adjustmentTurns out that swim was exactly what I needed to turn my attitude around.  What do you do to adjust your attitude when needed?


14 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment

  1. A good run definitely helps – but also writing a post does too! Usually I can change things around by putting them in perspective which writing helps me to do!

    1. I agree Laura, a good run does help. Unfortunately Wednesday wasn’t a run day, so I opted for submerging my mind in a pool of water instead. Thanks for the advice!!

  2. When I’m struggling mentally, I pray about it and do my workout anyway. It may not be the best workout but it is a workout nonetheless. The next day, I”m good to go!

  3. Thanks for posting Kecia. I was having one of those days up until my run this afternoon. I felt like I was all alone in my running and endurance endevors, and getting started felt impossible. Running outside helps, and going with friends is even better. Sometimes I write out a pro and con list or just a random list of what’s on my mind. Reading something uplifting helps too. I’ll hope that Monday goes better for you!

    1. Thanks Abby!! Typically the dogs can lift my mood, but Wednesday I needed a bit more. Things have been looking brighter since Wednesday, so I’m hopeful it was a one day funk 😉

  4. Sorry you had a bummer day 😦 We all have those from time to time (I’ve had my fair share of freak outs about questioning if I’m in the right career, too). I usually hammer it out on the bike or some zen on my yoga mat. Hope you’re having a better day today!

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