2014 Focus

The following is a list of words that I am trying to incorporate into my life in 2014 to make my life better:

  1. Stronger…Strength training is critical to helping me become stronger in every discipline of triathlon.
  2. Faster…The run is one of my stronger disciplines of triathlon, but I am working on becoming faster on the run after coming off the bike.
  3. Powerful…The bike is one of my weak links.  I am working hard to become more powerful and efficient on the bike, but also set myself up for a strong and fast run after I leave Mojo in T2.
  4. Healthier…While we eat pretty healthy in our household, occasionally I slip up.  I know I shouldn’t ridicule myself for this, but I would really like to reduce the amount of refined sugar I consume.
  5. Happier…While I am a fairly happy person, I am working on learning to say, “No” to those people and things that don’t bring me joy, positive energy, inner peace and true happiness.
  6. Smoother…I have been swimming since I was very young, but that doesn’t mean I have the most fluid swim stroke.  I am definitely working on making my swim stroke smoother and more efficient.
  7. Mentally Tougher…While I am typically mentally focused, I do have my moments when the mental focus goes out the window.  I need to learn to accept pain (while training and racing) and appreciate that pain as part of my journey making me a stronger person.
  8. Believer…I am really working on believing that I am beautiful, believing in my abilities, believing in my training, believing that I am strong, believing that I am worth all good things, believing that I am capable of amazing things.
  9. Doer…Most of my motivation comes from within and when I decide to do something, I do everything in my power to get it done.  I want to continue to push myself and do what it takes to accomplish my goals.
  10. Dreamer…I dream of someday qualifying for IRONMAN Kona.  I dream of someday accomplishing a sub 12 hour IRONMAN finish.  I dream of someday accomplishing a sub 5:15:00 1/2 IRONMAN finish.  I dream of someday being able to maintain 20 mph on the bike followed up with an 8:30 pace on the run during a 1/2 IRONMAN.  I dream of someday going back to school to get my masters degree.  I dream of being the best version of myself that I can be everyday.

How are you hoping to make your life better during 2014?

8 thoughts on “2014 Focus

  1. That’s a very inspiring list.
    I agree with all of the words for my life as well, although like you I’m satisfied with where I am in most aspects of my life.
    I would add acceptance, of my limitations (yes they exist), of who I am, of the good and the not so good within me. Change is a good thing, but I think you can’t change until you accept who you are and where you are.

  2. Love the list!!! Keep it up and by no time all these words will be rolling off the tip of your tounge and you will be feeling it and believig it!

  3. What a fantastic list, Kecia! Keep at it, and you got it! I think believe is the most powerful word of all… believe in yourself and the rest fall into place 🙂

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