I DID Survive: Part 2

After surviving the first part of my week, I had a VO2 Max Test on Friday…

Just getting started with my VO2 Max Test.
Just getting started with my VO2Test.

For those of you who have not had a VO2 Max Test before, it is painful.  Including the warm-up and cool down, the actual time in the saddle is only about 30 minutes with less than 10 minutes of that being the painful part.  During the painful part of the test, the power is increased every minute while the cadence (revolutions per minute) is suppose to remain the same (ideally 85-90 rpm).  I successfully made it through 260 Watts for an entire minute, but when the power was increased to 280 Watts, I only made it about 20 seconds before my cadence REALLY dropped off and my legs just quit spinning.

Improvements in my test from last year to this year:

  1. I was able to push through more power this year…last year I barely made it through the 240 Watts minute before my legs quit spinning.
  2. I have trained my body to successfully burn fat at the same rate in both Zones 2 & 3.
The relatively flat line across Zone 2 and Zone 3 is my fat burning
The relatively flat line across Zone 2 and Zone 3 is my fat burning ability…pretty constant 🙂

Areas I still have to work on:

  1. Maintaining a smooth pedal stroke…my pedal stroke is lacking fluidity 😦
  2. Increasing my comfortable riding cadence from about 80 rpm to closer to 90 rpm…my “happy” cadence seems to be about 81-82 rpm.  If I am going to set myself up for a successful run I will need to increase that cadence to about 90 rpm to be more efficient and conserve more energy for the run.

Have you ever had a VO2 Max Test?  If so, what are your thoughts of them?  If not, would you consider one?


Week #9 Totals (busy work week=few workouts):

Swim:  2800 yards

Bike:  53.1 miles

Run:  16.0 miles

Strength Training:  2 hours

Hot Yoga:  1 hour & 30 minutes

Week #9 in the green 😉


February Totals:

Swim:  9.66 miles

Bike:  215.62 miles

Run:  70.95 miles

Strength Training:  8 hours & 15 minutes

Hot Yoga:  7 hours & 30 minutes

2 months of not missing a workout = SUCCESS!!

21 thoughts on “I DID Survive: Part 2

  1. I’ve never done a VO2 Max Test before. Sounds like really good info. It also sounds like things are really improving since last year. Congratulations.

      1. I get them done through my coaching company (Zoom Performance), but have also had one done at the Iowa State Campus. You may want to google it to see who might offer them near you.

    1. They are challenging, but so valuable to help you improve your speed, efficiency and power output during training and racing 🙂

  2. Sounds painful! Way to go- must be nice to see the improvement from last year and know what to focus on!
    I’ve never had a V02 max test. But I do know my RPMs are low…like 75 on average. Last year I tried upping them, but my knee gave me some grief. I need to work on it!

    1. It is rather painful, but provides lots of great information and the pain is only temporary. I completely understand the low cadence…that is why I need to work on increasing mine 😉

      1. I’ve thought about it, and I’m certainly not worried about a bit of suffering – I just don’t think it’s wise for me to take it that far. I put enough into it already.

        Knowledge is power, but too much can lead to, in someone like me, obsession. I must always be mindful of what comes first: my wife and kids. Cycling brings me so much joy that I can, left unchecked, forget my priorities.

      2. I completely understand!! The fact that you know you can turn an animal into a beast is also power, so kudos to you for knowing your limits and keeping your priorities in check.

  3. That sounds equal parts painful and awesome! Nice work, Kecia! Those are some serious gains! Keep up the great work! And, two months in the green?! That.Is.Fantastic! 🙂

    1. Thanks Erin!! It was a challenge, but so worth it to know where I’m at. I do have a power tap on order, so I have an additional method of making more ground on the bike. I can’t wait 😉

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