Beautiful Day…A Taste of Spring

Monday we had a BEAUTIFUL day here in Central Iowa.

I'm DEFINITELY ready to run outside in this weather!!
I’m DEFINITELY ready to run outside in this weather!!

Getting outside was a MUST, so I decided to take my run outside.  I had some company with LOTS of energy…

Basil is ready to run!!  Yes...I am wearing a tank top and there is still snow on the ground.  I was dressed perfectly for this outdoor run.
Basil is ready to run!! Yes…I am wearing a tank top and there is still snow on the ground…perfectly dressed for this outdoor run.

Basil finally decided to settle (and not pull) after 6 miles into our run, but that doesn’t mean she was ready to be done running.  As a puppy, she definitely needs to get much more exercise than what this winter has allowed.

Run totals:

Distance = 7.1 miles

Time = 1:00:00

Average Pace = 8:27/mile

Emotion = Extreme Happiness 🙂

If you’ve been cooped up all winter and had a good weather day recently, what do you do to get outside and move?

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Day…A Taste of Spring

    1. It was a good day Tom!! Now if we could just have that weather stick around 😉 Yesterday’s high was only 33…not so nice. Today should be better…close to 60 again 😉

  1. There is nothing better at all, ever than a nice, fantastic spring run after a long, cold, snowy winter! Glad you got to enjoy it 🙂

  2. I am TOTALLY feeling your happiness right now. We have had two days of “spring-like” weather and I have taken advantage by getting out on my bike both days for a long ride. It’s only supposed to get nicer throughout the weekend – yippee!

    1. Congrats on taking advantage and riding outside Kristen!! I haven’t taken the bike out yet. We still have snow to melt and I’m not super keen on cleaning the bike after every ride (which is what would need to happen right now since there is still snow on the ground). I’m hoping we have really nice weather next week and can take the bikes out then!!

    1. I was sweating when during and when I was finished, so it was the perfect attire for running outside here on Monday 🙂 Sometimes I wish we had similar weather year round, but other times I really like the change of seasons.

  3. That’s awesome you got to run in a tank! And so cute that after seven miles the pup still wasn’t done running!
    Although yesterday tshirt run was amazing, I’ve been loving our evening walks with the pup even more! I missed those all the cold winter days!

    1. Thanks Abby!! It was a lot of fun to finally get outside!! Basil was excited as well 😉 I’m glad you were able to run in a t-shirt!! We too have missed MANY evenings of walking due to the cold weather this winter. I’m so glad to finally have decent weather where we can get outside with the dogs!!

  4. Crazy how just a few hours south of MSP it’s 60 degrees! Awesome you went running in a tank… can’t wait to even run outside (soon, I hope)! Sidewalks are still a bit icy here, and I don’t want to risk re-injury!

    1. It is crazy how those few hours make a world of difference!! I hope you can get outside soon. We are suppose to have cold and snow again these next few days. I don’t want to risk injury either…hence the treadmill all winter.

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