Shedding Layers

I recently read a post by Abby that you should all take some time to read.  It is FANTABULOUS!!  It gave me the following perspective…I am torn between pushing myself to be the best I can be in all areas of my life and not being so hard on myself.  I have very high expectations for everything that I do and every part of who I am.

  1. I am a perfectionist…I know I need to let go of being perfect…I need to accept that imperfections are a part of who I am and a part of everything and everyone around me…
  2. It is OK to lower my expectations from time to time…it is ok to have dirty dishes in the sink overnight…it is ok to wait until tomorrow to vacuum…it is ok to resort to processed snacks from time to time when the homemade ones are all gone…it is ok to miss a workout because life got in the way…
  3. It is ok to slow down and enjoy life…being thankful for the little things…not rushing through everything just to move on to the next “thing”…allowing time to relax and enjoy the moment…
  4. I should accept where I currently am and be happy with that…it is ok to be slower than I might like on my scheduled run or bike…it is ok that my form in the water is a bit off…it is ok that I couldn’t get everything done that I had wanted because I decided to take a nap…
  5. I should take time to appreciate everything good that is a part of my life…family, friends, training, work, decent weather (when it is present), etc.
  6. I need to accept that it is ok when something doesn’t quite go as planned…move on to “plan B” and not allow this hiccup to derail me…there are always twists and turns in the road of life…accept it and move on…
  7. Sometimes I let the little things (or certain people) bother me…it is time to let them go…I need to remind myself that the personalities of some people might not mesh with mine, but that is OK…when I hold on to the little things, it only irritates me…just let it go…

Life is like a camera

One more layer to shed…since the weather this Sunday is suppose to be 70F here in central Iowa, I will get the opportunity to shed some winter layers as I get outside to ride and run…SUPER EXCITED!! 😉

What layers can you shed in your life?

10 thoughts on “Shedding Layers

  1. I hear you on all of these! From one perfectionist to another, the struggle never ends. It definitely helps to have someone whispering those things in your ear, though (as long as you don’t smack them for doing so 🙂 ). Life is definitely all about perspective, and there’s plenty to be thankful for…and so, we keep running (and biking and swimming) where the world takes us!

  2. Such good advice! And I finally got some of that almond milk I told you about and it’s SO Delicious Almond + Plus (unsweetened). It has pea and rice protein added and a few other things, so hopefully the few other things aren’t taking away from the health of the milk itself!!

  3. Such a great reminder, Kecia. Up until I decided to step outside my comfort zone and sign up for a triathlon, I never wanted to try anything that I knew I would not be good at. I have had a history of being a perfectionist and wanting to do everything better, better, better, not realizing that I don’t need to be the best, I just need to enjoy and be me.

    1. Thanks Kristen!! I completely agree…it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to always be better. Sometimes we just need to sit back and enjoy the journey 😉

  4. This is a fantastic post. It is so easy sometimes to be so hard on ourselves. Sometimes we just need to appreciate who we are and what our bodies can do. I think that is my main perspective, most of the time.

    1. Good for you Amy!! I am so envious to those of you where this comes naturally and you don’t have to consciously think about it. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the shoutout- I’m glad my post made you think a little. It’s hard to let go of some things and let life be imperfect.
    I love that camera quote- I just saw it the other day and it is so true!
    Lately I’ve been so frustrated with my body…not able to run, still lots of other aches to deal with…and then I sit back and realize how much is still allows me to do! I have to be grateful for that and change my perspective.
    Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, Kecia!!!

    1. Thanks so much Abby!! Sometimes it’s really hard to be ok with more imperfections in life, but I’m sure I’d be less stressed and happier as a result. 😉

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