I have heard from many people outside of our little bubble at home, that the Iron Hippie and I are “very disciplined” and that it is a quality many “admire.”  It is true that we get up between 4 and 4:15 am every day and that our heads hit the pillow around 8 pm every evening.  It is true that we do an am and pm workout almost daily.  It is true that we typically juggle our schedules around our training.  It is true that we’ve decided to take one full year off from drinking alcohol as we train.  It is true that we eat mostly healthy (foods that provide us with the energy and fuel stores our bodies need to train like we do).

We are disciplined, but why?  I can only speak for myself…I am determined to be better prepared for IRONMAN Wisconsin this year than I was in 2011.  I am driven to grow stronger and more powerful while swimming, cycling and running.  I am committed to do my absolute best and set new personal records.  I am courageous…I am not going to let fear prevent me from being successful.  I am doing what I love…swim, bike, run 😉


Sure, there are days I don’t “feel like” completing a workout as scheduled or even “feel like” completing the workout, but I know that I will reap the rewards on race day if I have the discipline now.

As of today (May 7), the Iron Hippie and I are officially 8 months sans alcohol, which means only 4 months away from IRONMAN Wisconsin.  That is both great and scary at the same time 😉

How disciplined are you?  What motivates you to be so disciplined?

19 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. My morning starts the same as yours and my evening ends the same as yours… Hmmm. I didn’t know anyone else got up that early. 🙂 Keep it up. I look forward to your IRONMAN race. It will all be worth it at the finish line. 🙂

  2. You are very disciplined and I do admire that. In order to have your best race experience, you’re doing exactly what you should be doing. As for me, I’m pretty disciplined about getting my workouts in because I know the payoff will be worth any sacrifice made, but the sacrifice seems minimal because I truly enjoy it so much! For the drinking and eating part, I’m not as disciplined, but I normally tend to eat pretty healthy anyway. Rock on!

    1. Thanks!! I completely agree…the “sacrifice seems minimal” because I love training and racing. It puts a smile on my face, a spring in my step and gives me more patience 🙂

  3. I hear similar type things. My thoughts are that I have signed up for the race and I know it is a big deal (at least to me). It is very simple to me. I want to do the best that I can do on that day. In order to give my best, I must prepare. It is not in my understanding to commit to something so big and go in unprepared. Since I have started triathlon. I have had that mentality. Why commit to something if you truly don’t want to give it your all? So, with Ironman training, I knew it would be “go big or go home”. I intend to make myself proud and I must do all I can do to set myself up for success.

  4. I think you have to be disciplined to have confidence and do well in triathlon. Discipline feeds mental strength, which is incredibly important in this sport. I have always had a very disciplined personality in all aspects of my life, but particularly with sports. It’s an investment. Time. Money. Energy. Relationships. Emotion. Why not give it all you got if you make the commitment? I feel the same way about my marriage, friendships, work, and life. Plus, training honestly makes me happy. It’s obvious that it makes you happy as well. Discipline is easy when you love what you are doing.

  5. It’s so hard not to get criticized living the ‘Ironman life.’ Outsiders definitely think we are crazy and over the top. If giving up alcohol works for you, I think that’s great. I am also very disciplined with what I eat and drink. It might affect my social life, but I am ok with that… I rather stay home on a Saturday night in order to have a great day of training the following day! It takes a certain person to take on this challenge and this life, the ‘outsiders’ just don’t understand:)

    1. Most definitely Kristin!! This is the first time we’ve given up alcohol during training, so we’ll see what effects (if any) it has on race day. We are also of the mindset that we’d rather stay home on a Friday and Saturday night to have a great day of training on the weekends. The unique challenges that come our way, definitely require a unique person with a focused and determined mindset. 🙂

  6. I am disciplined in the number, length, and type of workouts I do because I want to complete the HalfIronMan in August. I am not quite as disciplined in my eating, however.

  7. You are so disciplined!! It is so amazing what you can do when you are!! Your work outs are better. Your eating is better. You are going to kill Wisconsin. Do you feel better with out the alcohol?
    I’m pretty disciplined. I work out hard. I eat right. (almost always—except dessert). I don’t eat meat or drink alcohol. But my downfall is definitely sweets. I know if I could take a year off of that… I would feel better, look better, race better…I just don’t have the “discipline”!

    1. Thanks Leslie! The no alcohol has been advantageous…staying hydrated, getting a good night’s sleep, not as groggy in the early mornings and it is much cheaper 😉 The hardest part is determining that you’re going to do something. The rest just seems to fall into place.

  8. First time at your blog and love this post! to me, discipline stems from the desire to live life completely. i want to experience everything i possibly can during my time here: all extremes of emotion and all avenues of thought. the only way to do that is through disciplining myself to face my fears, try new things, and give it my all. i’ve found that fitness is such a unique area in that it allows you to experience all these things– you can feel extraordinary and invincible or completely miserable during workouts. so many thoughts run through your head. thoughts about how awesome you are, thoughts about that presentation next week, thoughts about what to make for dinner.. thoughts about how much you want to give up, thoughts about that 16 yo girl who did an 80 minute plank, and then thoughts about how ordinary people somehow continue to push through and do incredible things. discipline is the only way to truly live.

  9. IM training takes both discipline and sacrifice… missing social events, the occasional family event, stay-at-home Fridays to be rested for Saturday’s long workout. But, totally, 100 percent worth it when you love what you’re doing (swim bike run) and have a strong drive to reach an awesome goal. I agree with Kristin above… non-IMers often criticize and wonder why we log long training hours and sacrifice other “fun” things. To each their own! We choose to do this, we GET to do this! And, it’s our fun! 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you, Erin!! While it does require discipline and sacrifice, it is SO rewarding!! Love it 🙂

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