My Not so Successful Week

This last week, I’ve been fighting some right leg pains that have kept me from completing some workouts.  This has been a new lesson in “discipline” since I REALLY want to go complete all of my scheduled workouts, but also know that my leg needs a break to properly heal and not have these pains turn into an injury.  As a result, I did not complete all of my scheduled workouts.

I had a massage last Monday and have another one this Friday.  I have been using the foam roller like crazy and stretching really well after every workout (that I do).  I am really hopeful that I won’t have to go to physical therapy, but am not ruling it out at this point.

My week looked like this:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: AM 50 minute Run = 4×4 min fast (1st two were at a 7:24 pace and 2nd two were at a 7:18 pace)                PM 2500 yard Swim followed by a 1 hour full body strength training session

Wednesday: AM 1:15:00 Bike = with 8 x 1 minute on (power zone 4) 1 minute off (easy spin)                                                   PM 1 hour hot yoga class

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 2900 yard Swim

Sunday: Rest Day


Week 18: 6 hours

Swim:  5400 yards

Bike:  17.3 miles

Run:  5.7 miles

Strength Training:  1 hour

Hot Yoga: 1 hour

35 thoughts on “My Not so Successful Week

  1. Feel better quick Kecia. I can tell you, without a doubt, were I in your position, I’d be riding after I ran. A nice ten or fifteen miles after a hard run did more for my longevity than any stretching or rolling could have. Effort doesn’t matter much for the ride but cadence does. Use the after run ride to hone that 90rpm cadence. Oh, and I’d bike more. Up that 17 to 70-80. You can go almost every day if you change effort levels.

    Btw, you’re fast! Can the iron hippie keep up with you? I know I’d have fun trying to stay on your heels.

    1. Thanks Jim!! In previous weeks, I’ve had between 60 and 80 miles in the saddle depending on the week. This week I just backed off everything. I’ll try the spinning out the legs after running and see if it helps. The Iron Hippie can keep up with me, though he has an advantage of being almost a foot taller than me with much longer legs. 😉

      1. Awesome. That’s fast there, lady.

        Good luck, and let me know how you’re doing. I’ve been through a BUNCH of changes to make my bike work with my running. I’ll obviously keep reading and if anything catches my eye, I’ll chime in.

  2. Bummer- sorry to hear about your leg. But good for you for listening to your body and missing workouts when needed. It will definitely pay off in the long run!
    Does everything bug it, or just certain activities?
    Take care!

    1. Yesterday I started to notice that my left knee is “clicking” when I go up and down stairs, do the leg press, etc. It is not painful, but annoying. I’m not sure if my right leg has been compensating for something that I didn’t notice in my left leg??? I lifted weights yesterday (keeping it relatively light on the legs) and have had no pain thus far today…still have the “clicking” left knee though. I did notice that running aggravated it before my recent break in training. I am going to try to run on the treadmill after work today and see how everything feels. Thanks Abby!!

  3. Ah, man… so sorry to hear your leg is causing some issues! But, good for you for listening to your body and taking some time off; it will thank you in the long run! Better to take some time now than risk further injury as IMWI approaches.

      1. Wise FOR SURE. Hope you’re feeling better this week! Unfortunately, no… not quite back to 13.1 running shape, so doing Chisago 70.3 instead in July 🙂 you’re doing Kansas, right?

      2. I am doing Kansas in only a few short weeks…scary with my leg being a bit on the temperamental side. I LOVE Chisago!! We’ve done the 70.3 distance twice. It is such a GREAT race!! You’ll love it I’m sure 🙂

    1. Thanks Kristen!! I hope you are feeling better!! Sometimes our minds and bodies have plans that don’t jive well with each other 😉

  4. It is very ironic that your previous post was on discipline. Your mantra poster in that also applies to your post here. Your focus in that post was on being disciplined in sticking with the training plan and how that involves lots of sacrifices that you are willing to make. However, as you alluded to, the discipline you have shown to take a break and rest when you body is sending you signals, can take MORE discipline than doing the prescribed workouts in your plan. GOOD for you for making that decision! I hope you are able to move past these aches and pains very soon!!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Sorry to hear about your leg! I hope you don’t have to go to PT either… Good for you for listening to your body… something I have also learned the hard way. I probably shouldn’t have ran the Boston Marathon, but I did, and now my foot hurts again. Take as much rest as you need!!

  6. I hope your leg is feeling better soon! Just relax you still have plenty of time! Like you said it is better to let it heal then let it turn into an “injury”!! Wishing you the best and healing fast!!
    I fell off my bike about 3 months before IMAZ in ’12. I was so nervous. I didn’t run for (I think) 3 weeks. Of course all I could think about was my knee and what happens if it is not healed. But it did and I had an amazing race!!

    1. Thanks Leslie!! I am 3 weeks out from my A- race (Ironman Kansas 70.3), so I am a bit nervous. I may have to reevaluate my goals for this one as race day approaches, but IMWI is where I really need to be healthy.

  7. Hey Kecia, been thinking about that injury a bit. How’s it going, are you feeling better yet?

    If not, have you narrowed down which sport is causing the problem?

    1. Thanks Jim!! Unfortunately I’m not better 😦 I think I was compensating for a psoas issue in my right leg and now have tendinitis in my left knee. I’m a bit frustrated with a 1/2 ironman only 3 weeks away. I’m doing complete rest with a massage again today. We’ll see how it goes…

      1. That terrible… Have you isolated the sport though? Tendonitis is a finicky thing. Specifically what I’m getting at is the bike setup. For example, my saddle was a few millimeters too wide and a millimeter high – this presented as a hamstring problem. My cleat was a millimeter off, that presented as Achilles tendonitis in one foot (after correcting the cleat angle the pain went away – it wasn’t tendonitis). Point is, if your setup is off, just a little bit – or worse, it changed on you, that can present as a problem – especially with your increased training mileage. I know you’re quite knowledgeable, I’m just trying to help you get to the race. And remember, front of the knee, saddle is too low, back of the knee, saddle is too high…

      2. My bike set up is perfect. I just had it rechecked on Tuesday and it’s great. I think it was compensating on the run from my psoas issue.

      3. RICE, that’s about it. Worst case scenario, tape it for training and the race. Google this: knee tendonitis kinesio tape.

        I’ve heard really good things about taping (mainly for plantar fasciitis

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