Adjusting Goals

This coming weekend I am registered to race Ironman Kansas 70.3.  My original goal for this race was to break 6:00:00.  Unfortunately I am going to have to adjust my goals for this race since I am just coming back from an injury.

I am hopeful to have no problem with the 1.2 mile swim and the 56 mile bike portions of the race.  The run is where I am going to have some decisions to make.  While I ran pain free for the first time on Saturday since May 5 (nearly 4 weeks), my left knee is still not “normal.”  My knee feels relatively normal while running, but afterwards, it feels wonky…not painful, just not normal.

After having a successful 3+ mile run on Saturday and another successful 1 mile run off the bike on Sunday, I decided to run for 50 minutes yesterday (Wednesday).  I had no pain at all while running, but my knee is still not healed and back to normal.  I am continually icing, stretching, elevating, getting ART treatments and resting when I can to help with the recovery process.

My “A” race this year is IRONMAN Wisconsin on September 7.  I know that I want to be 100% for IMWI and because of this, I am going to play it smart and not push to regression or further injury.

How does this impact my upcoming race?  Well…I am planning to start the race on Sunday, hopeful that I will successfully finish the swim and bike, but knowing that I may pull myself from the race at some point during the run to prevent further injury.

This does NOT mean that I am giving up on my goal of breaking 6:00:00 at 70.3 distance race.  I WILL continue to work hard and achieve this goal someday…just not this weekend.  My goal for this weekend is to not regress and set myself up to finish this racing season strong!!

Don't give up on Goals

Have you ever started a race knowing you may DNF?

28 thoughts on “Adjusting Goals

  1. I agree! You are doing a great thing by thinking of the future. Just wondering why you aren’t considering walk/jog or walking the 1/2? I guess for me, I’d want that medal! Best of luck to you and may your knee heal quickly for you!

    1. Very good question!! I have successfully finished this race twice before and have not been training to walk 13 miles. As a result, I don’t know how my knee would feel walking that far 😉

  2. I am facing my first Ironman this year in Chattanooga while dealing with a new diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. As I have spoken about on my podcast, I have never DNF’ed a race I started, so it was playing with my head a great deal. I have since come to terms with the fact that I may not make it this time, but it has taken awhile.

    1. I think it is easier for me to come to terms with it since I have already crossed the finish line at this race twice before. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but kudos to you for “coming to terms” and accepting what will be!!

  3. You remind me of me, with beer. Hey, if one is good, twenty-four should be GREAT! No I am not exaggerating. Anywho, I do like your idea, run for half of it and if it hurts, drop. That sounds great till you’re out there and you’re like, “well it doesn’t hurt that bad, maybe if I…”

    I have only DNF’ed once and I was purely defeated. Had nothing left. However, I have DNS’ed plenty. Good luck but don’t mess up your season for a B race. Good luck!

    1. While sounding like you would typically be a good thing, since you are so knowledgeable and fast on the bike, I think this time it might not be so good 🙂 I have done a lot of thinking after this post and have further adjusted my goals. I’ll have a post about the adjustment tomorrow 😦

      1. Don’t sweat your decision. I know how awesome you are and so do a lot of other folks (that should include you) and your iron hippie. Stuff happens.

        Oh, and yes, you do not want to be me 20 years ago. Wait, 22. 😜

      2. Thanks Jim! I have confidence in my decision. I just wish my heart was as satisfied as my head 😉

        You’re right…I wouldn’t want to go down that path and am so glad you have gotten off that train!!

      3. Ah the heart. It’s an organ that pumps blood through your body right? I know what you mean though. It’s easier for me, sitting here to say blow it off than it is to do it.

        Heck do the swim and the bike and hammer that ride as hard as you can just to see how fast you can do it, then drop. That’s exactly what I’d do.

  4. I think that is a great idea!! If anything you will have a solid swim/bike brick + transitions!! See how you feel and let your knee tell you what to do!!!
    I love the “flat” quote!!!
    Good Luck!!!!!!

  5. You’re going into it with such a positive outlook! I think it’s better to go into it with this attitude, knowing it’s not your A race, and playing it by ear (or knee 🙂 )!
    Good luck with the swim and bike, and I hope the knee holds out for you! Have you tried KT tape just to help on race day?

    1. Thanks Abby! With only 10 weeks until the taper for IM, I don’t want to push anything at this point. If I need to, I may try the KT tape to get me through IM…we’ll see how the next couple of weeks go and what happens with ART.

  6. My one and only (so far?) DNF was my first 70.3 last year and it was the best thing for me. It taught me humility and to listen to what my body needs. I ignored it so many times in the past and got into some trouble and bad habits. The DNF snapped me out of those! Listening to your body and finding those long term goals (and smaller in race goals) is so important! You have an amazing attitude towards it all. I hope the knee heals up fast!!

    1. Thanks De! I’ve made the decision to DNS, so I don’t do further damage. I have to focus on my bigger goal and not let this smaller one get in the way of that. 🙂

  7. Good for you for listening to your body and staying positive, Kecia. It’s SO tough to do, but knowing that IMW is just ahead makes it a bit easier 🙂 Hang in there! Your knee will be back to 100 percent in no time!

    1. Thanks Erin!! It is tough, but it will be worth it. I changed my mind even further and am going to DNS instead…I definitely need to be ready for IMWI and am not going to push anything right now.

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