Jumping Through Hoops…Running Update

Funny how jumping on the trampoline triggered this injury and now I’m jumping through hoops to overcome this setback and get back to pounding the pavement.

Acting like a 6 year old is sometimes more costly than one might think...
Acting like a 6 year old is sometimes more costly than one might think…

My running has not been where I want it to be at this point in my Ironman training, but I am working with what I am able to do, so I can eventually get back to running longer distances and speed work.  While I am not back to 100% yet, I am able to run a little bit…more on that in a few minutes.

What have I been doing to overcome this set back?

I see Dr. Chris at Team Chiropractic once or twice a week to receive active release therapy (ART).  He has also done acupuncture on my leg a couple of times to help release the muscle tension around my knee.  We are hoping that this will help my knee heal quicker.

Getting stuck like a voodoo doll…I think it might be helping though.  After having acupuncture twice in one week, I was able to run with minimal pain that weekend.

I am doing some exercises to help strengthen the stabilizing muscles around my knee.

Leg extensions with 4 pounds attached to my ankle and an air filled ball under my knee.
Leg extensions with a 4 pound ankle weight and an air filled ball under my knee.
The infamous monster walks with an elastic band around my shins.
The infamous monster walks with an elastic band around my shins.

I also get a deep tissue massage every other week…


Where am I at with my running?

Last week I ran for 20 minutes on Sunday (June 15), 30 minutes on Tuesday (June 17) and 33 minutes on Thursday (June 19).  When I went back to see Dr. Chris on Friday (June 20), he reexamined my running gait and noticed that I am still occasionally crossing my left leg over the midline of my body while running.  When my left leg crosses over the midline, that is when my knee feels some minor pains.

So…what do you do when you have to retrain your gait to prevent your leg from crossing over the midline while running?  Line running of course!  Where do I go to line run?  You guessed it…

My new running "home" for a while will be at the ISU track where I can line run.
My new running “home” for a while will be at the ISU track where I can line run.

Yes, I run lap after lap straddling the white line around the track.  I make sure to switch directions every 4 laps to keep me mentally focused and challenge my muscles a bit differently…

Anyone want to line run with me?
Anyone want to line run with me?  Saturday I ran 40 minutes around the track.

Yes…I feel like a hamster running on a wheel and my Garmin accurately represents this…

Tuesday I was able to run for 50 minutes around the track.
Tuesday I was able to run for 50 minutes around the track.

It is surprisingly difficult to run while straddling the white line.  This running technique does not allow for much gazing at the surrounding scenery…my only focus is on the white line between my feet.  I think I’m starting to have dreams of a white line that never ends 😉

If you want to join me for a run, you know where to find me for the next couple of weeks…

What hoops have you had to jump through to overcome an injury or setback in your training?

18 thoughts on “Jumping Through Hoops…Running Update

  1. Whoa!!!! A trampoline did this!!! Looks like you are progressing and running!! 🙂 I am not sure that I would be able to run in between the white line…I am going to have to check it out the next time I am at the track!
    Hoops I have had to overcome…just being grumpy because I couldn’t run!!
    Here is to you getting healthy!!!

    1. I’m not sure the trampoline did this, but it triggered it. I think it was going to happen eventually anyway, but the trampoline just made it happen a little sooner. It is VERY challenging to run with that white line between my feet, but hopefully with time that will help fix my gait and get me back out on the pavement and trails. Thanks for the support Leslie! 🙂

  2. It is frustrating sometimes when we get hurt and can’t run and it wasn’t running that caused it. I feel your pain. I hope things keep improving. I don’t envy you at that track though. It is good you have a place to go and workout though.

    1. Thanks Tom! Running on the track is not my idea of a good time, but if it gets me to the end goal of running on the open roads and trails, I’ll bite the bullet and do it 🙂

  3. I run quite often on the track because it’s a bit “softer” than the pavement and this ol’ girl appreciates that. Therefore, I know a bit about the mental battle that you are encountering. I create all kinds of mind games on the track. When I step on the number 1 that is painted in lane 1, I think of my Lord and Savior and it makes me smile. I thank Him for the ability to run. When I pass a little green hash mark, it makes me think of the poor kids who run the 400 meter hurdles and how I am so grateful I don’t have obstacles in my way. When I pass my starting point, I look up at the trees and see 2 tiny limbs extended upward and I think of my little Mom cheering for me. No matter the
    hoop, I am grateful for my many, many blessings!

    1. That is a great way to break up the monotony of running circles on the track, Jolene!! While running in circles can be a drag, I am SUPER thankful I am back running again!! Gratitude goes a long way 🙂

  4. Wish I could join you for a run! Right before Boston, I had to re-train my right foot to land straight. My bad pair of shoes taught it to aim out which was causing tendonitis above my ankle, so thankfully PT guy caught on fast. Every two hours that I was awake, I had to do special lunges to re-train. Thankfully it worked.
    You’re an inspiration – here’s wishing you a FAST recovery so you can run without line dreams!!!!

    1. It would be awesome to have you run with me!! I’m glad PT caught your rotated foot quickly! It’s amazing the things we will do while in pain to overcome injuries so we can put ourselves through the “pain” we choose 😉

  5. I’m sorry to hear you still aren’t where you want to be with your running, how frustrating. I’m glad you’ve discovered ART though, and acupuncture… both have worked wonders for me! I have also been getting deep tissue massages very other week… never used to, but with IM training it’s critical! I will have to try that white line drill on the track:)

    1. It is frustrating Kristin, but I have to remember that I am able to run right now and that is progress 🙂 The white line drill is taxing, but it will be worth it to fix my gait!!

  6. How do you like the acupuncture? Do you feel it is helping? Does it hurt? When I was doing physical therapy to straighten the muscles on the inside of my knee/quad area I did a lot of these same exercises. We called the monster walk, Happy Feet. At least the track is a nice, consistent environment. I don’t mind running around a track, but I also am not trying to straddle a white line, which I’m sure requires a lot more mental focus and patience. It looks like you have created a recipe for quick healing!

    1. I do feel that the acupuncture is working to help release the tension in my muscles. I had it again today and this was the worst it has hurt so far, but the pain of the acupuncture is nothing compared to the pain of my knee when I couldn’t run. It is a weird feeling when your muscle “grips” the needle and then releases. I would highly recommend it!! I like the name “Happy Feet” better than monster walk 🙂

  7. I had no idea it was the trampoline that triggered your injury! Boo. So glad to see, though, that you’re taking all the necessary steps to get back to 100 percent! And, you WILL be back to running pain-free soon! Love me some track running, but even thinking about staring at the white line for laps on end makes me kinda dizzy 😉

    1. Thanks Erin! I will be back to full throttle soon, but staring at that white line is definitely making me more than a bit dizzy…especially after swimming and then cycling yesterday for 6 hours before getting to the track for my run. 😉

  8. Such great news that you’re running again! That’s awesome you’ve found someone that can help you.
    Whew- that would be dizzying to run watching the white line! But, any successful run is a good one!
    Fingers crossed everything keeps improving and you’ll be pain-free for your race!

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