10 Weeks til IRONMAN Wisconsin

I just completed week 10 until IMWI…YIKES…single digits now 😉  Here is a quick review of my week:


It rained.ALL.DAY.LONG.

AM:  2400 yard swim in 1 hour…10×100 working set

This was done at the indoor pool because the outdoor pool was closed.

PM:  1 hour bike workout (15.89 miles)…6×2 min power zone 4 intervals.

Riding in the garage during a torrential downpour with thunder and lightening.  Our neighbors think we are crazy...
Riding in the garage during a torrential downpour with thunder and lightening. Our neighbors think we are crazy…Those are some good tan lines honey 😉
Our view of the neighborhood from the garage...
Our view of the neighborhood from the garage…

I immediately followed up my bike workout with 45 minutes of TRX strength training.



AM:  Easy line running at the track…6.01 miles in 54:13 (9:01 average pace)

Feels good to be running again…even if it is running in circles around a track staring at the white line between my feet.

I followed the running up with acupuncture and the funeral for my 13 year-old student.  It was a tough day.


AM:  2300 yard swim in just under 1 hour…100s & 200s fast with 4x50s on the minute

PM:  Brick workout…48.35 mile bike ride in 2:50:07 (17.1 mph average speed), followed by 1.16 miles in 10:33 (9:06 average pace)…Lots of rolling hills on the bike and no knee pain on the bike or run 😉

IMG_3906 IMG_3908


AM:  Easy run around the track…3.48 miles in 32:35 (9:22 average pace)

I had the track to myself and spent my run remembering an amazing young man who did not cut corners…I wanted to cut my run short by one lap, but I heard the voice of Tim (my 13 year-old student) in my head saying, “You won’t become number one if you cut corners. Finish strong.” So I listened to Timothy and finished the last lap 🙂

PM:  I taught TRX in the afternoon for 45 minutes, followed it up with 2185 yards (at the meter pool) in 45 minutes working on drill work, then mowed the lawn and went back to teach a second TRX class…1:30:00 of TRX strength training (total for the day)


Rest day…We celebrated the 4th of July without having a workout 🙂

Watching the sunrise out at Ada Hayden
The beautiful morning skies reflecting off the water at Ada Hayden
The Iron Hippie and I registering all of the 5K participants.
The Iron Hippie and I registering all of the participants at a local 5K race.
And they’re off…spectating briefly at a local 5K.
We walked the dogs downtown after the 5K for free community pancakes to celebrate the 4th of July and 150 years of Ames.
We followed the pancakes up with the 4th of July and Sesquicentennial Parade before walking home.


The original plan was to ride 100 miles today, but when we woke up to start riding, we had severe thunderstorms in central Iowa.  We decided to swap Saturday’s and Sunday’s workouts since we had late afternoon/early evening BBQ plans with friends on the calendar. 😉

Run:  I decided to try running on the roads to the local high school track to do some line running and then run the roads home.  This meant that the first 2 miles and the last 2 miles would be on the road (no line and varying terrain), with the rest of the workout on the track.  I was super excited to have NO PAIN!!  Thanks Dr. Chris for helping me get my running legs back under me 🙂


I followed my run up with 30 minutes of core work before heading over to visit friends, grill food, chat and let the kids and dogs romp and play together.  What a fun evening!!

Love this lady!!
Mya would do anything the kids asked her to 🙂


With the temperature predicted to be above 90F with a heat index closer to 105F, we opted for a 5:30 am start time for our century ride.  We lucked out and had a hazy start to our day.  It was definitely humid, but at least the sun wasn’t blazing us until we neared the end of our ride.  Thankfully we were wheeling into the driveway by 1:30 pm and managed to avoid most of the jungle-like conditions that immediately followed our ride.  It wasn’t one of our faster rides, which is ok because the goal was to just cover the 100 miles…we did just that.


Quick cat nap...or should I say dog nap...with my favorite girl :)
Quick cat nap…or should I say dog nap…with my favorite girl 🙂

Weekly Totals:  18 hours & 39 minutes

Swim:  6885 yards

Bike:  165 miles

Run:  18.2 miles

Strength Training:  2 hours & 45 minutes

How is your training going?  What did you do to celebrate the 4th of July?

16 thoughts on “10 Weeks til IRONMAN Wisconsin

    1. Flexibility is key to successfully get our workouts in here…hence the turbo work on Monday last week and switching workouts over the weekend 😉

  1. Hard to believe IMWI is just two months away… eek! Can’t wait, though! SOLID week of training! So glad to see you back running — and pain free! Hope you had a great Fourth!

    1. I was shocked as well when I looked at the calendar today and noticed that it was exactly 2 months away…YIIKES 😉 Thanks Erin…I hope you had a great 4th as well!!

  2. Awesome week!!! Lots of TRX! That is so great! We always have some sort of TRX in our strength work out! Nice job on your century, swimming, and wahhhooooo for your running! So exciting that you are back and it is better. It will only get better with time and you still have 2 months!!!
    Talk about tan lines (yours—when you were napping)!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Leslie…I’m super excited to be back running again 😉 I know it will continue to get better with time. Yes…we do have quite the tan lines in this household 😉

  3. Sorry to hear about your student; that must be really tough.
    On a brighter note, I’m so happy you ran pain free and have been able to pick up the running!
    And nice work on the century!!

    1. Thanks Abby 😉 I’m super happy to be back running as well…every day is a little better than the day before. It was a pretty miserable day yesterday, but we never know what the weather will be like on race day, so we train in what we are dealt.

  4. I love how close our races are to one another… It’s fun to watch your progress alongside mine! I’m really happy to hear you’re back to running, must feel great! I didn’t realize you taught TRX until now, I love my TRX! I miss lifting weights, but the TRX has been great for strength during IM training. Your pups are so cute btw!

    1. It is fun how close our races are!! I love TRX!! It is fun to see the transformations that TRX can make on a person!! I’m biased, but I think our girls are cute too 😉

  5. Very strong week, Kecia. Even with all the weather obstacles, you still improvised and make it work. That is nice that you have the flexibility to switch things up if need be. I can’t wait to track all of you ladies doing IMs in the coming months. It is so inspiring. What is TRX?

    1. Thanks Kathy!! It feels good to be back running…even if it is slow and occasionally on the track. Nice solid performance out of you this morning on that 10K trail run 🙂

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