Tri My Favorites

The following is a list of my favorites…most are triathlon related, but not all of them 🙂

  1. Orca Wetsuit…I love the flexibility in the armpits, that it sits lower around my neck and the buoyancy it provides me while in the water.The Iron Hippie, Allen and I getting ready to take the plunge into the cool, murky waters at Peterson Pits.
  2. TYR Nest Pro Goggles…I love how they sit on my eye sockets, remain fog free and leak free and that they come in clear (for cloudy days) as well as tinted (for those bright, sunny days).swim 1
  3. Mojo (Specialized Transition)…I love the way she rides, her fit is perfect for me and she understands me better than I understand myself sometimes. 🙂IMG_3813
  4. Terry Butterfly Saddle…This is the perfect fit for my girlie parts as I ride for long distances 😉  I’ve spent so much time on this saddle, that I have burned a hole in the side of it, so I just ordered a new one.  YAY for new saddles 🙂

    Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 8.10.22 AM
    image from
  5. Speedfill…I love having my water available to me at all times.  Even when it is really windy, I don’t have to take my hands off my bike to drink. 🙂            IMG_3869
  6. Bell Helmet…I love the ability to adjust the helmet to fit snuggly to my head, the protection it provides (which I hope I never have to take advantage of) and of course the fact that it matches Mojo 😉    IMG_3868
  7. Garmin 310XT…I love that I can use this device for cycling and running.  It keeps track of my distances, time, pace/speed, power, heart rate, elevation, cadence, etc.IMG_3497
  8. Tifosi Sunglasses…I love that these sunglasses protect my eyes from the suns rays, flying debris and the occasional harsh winds. IMG_3867
  9. Brooks PureFlow…I love that they make my feet happy and allow me to put a spring in my step.Who's up for some line running?  Tuesday I ran for 50 minutes around the track.
  10. Coeur Triathlon Kit…I love the seamless chamois in the shorts, the number of pockets in the shorts and top, the snug fit, the flattering style…what can I say?!?!?!  I love this kit so much that I now own the Chinese New Year and Chevron kits as well 😉  I also love what this company stands for…#heartandcourageIMG_3628
  11. HeadSweat Visor…I love the snug fit, the sweat absorption and the sun protection this visor provides.Tuesday morning we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL July morning.  It was 61 degrees at 5:15 am when we started our 8 mile run.  It is mornings like these that make me feel like I could run forever!!
  12. TYR Transition Bag…I love all of the compartments it has while providing me with enough space to store everything I could possibly need on race day into one confined location.IMG_0742
  13. Body Glide…I love that it helps prevent chafing in all of those unwanted areas. 🙂  IMG_3864
  14. Hoo Ha Ride Glide…I love the protection it provides when I am going to be in the saddle for a while.  I even know a few men who prefer to use this chamois cream over others out on the market.  So while it was designed for women, everyone can benefit from it!!IMG_3184
  15. Osmo Nutrition…I love the flavors, the simplicity of the product, and the women specific formula.  After all, #womenarenotsmallmenIMG_3798
  16. Honey Stinger Chews…I love the flavor of the Pink Lemonade and the quick burst of energy I feel shortly after consuming them.IMG_3870
  17. Bonk Breaker Bars…I love the Peanut Butter & Banana flavor the most.  They provide me with the fuel and energy I need to complete long workouts while training for Ironman Wisconsin.

    Photo courtesy of Bonk Breaker
    Photo courtesy of Bonk Breaker
  18. CEP compression socks…I love the snug feeling they provide my feet and calves.IMG_1521
  19. Road ID Bracelet…I love that I can wear my Road ID bracelet 24/7 and if I were to get in an accident, first responders would have all of my necessary information, including blood type, allergies, contact information, etc.IMG_3280
  20. Chaco Flips…After a workout, my feet crave the open air.  I love the breathability my Chacos provide while being durable and lasting forever.      IMG_3865
  21. Coeur compression tights…I love the tight squeeze that these tights provide my tired (and sometimes sore) legs and glutes.IMG_3820
  22. Karma Kombucha…I LOVE MY BOOCH!!  Karma is by far THE BEST Kombucha on the market!!  The flavors are AMAZING…Peach and Enchantment (summer and winter seasonal flavors) are two of my favorites 🙂

    Photo courtesy of Karma Kombucha a Conscious Minds Product
    Photo courtesy of Karma Kombucha a Conscious Minds Product
  23. Foam Roller and Stick…I love my massage tools to help release tension from my tight muscles after completing tough workouts.  Sometimes they provide me with a little pain, but I know they are doing their job to release tension from my tired (and sometimes sore) muscles.IMG_3183
  24. PowerTap…I love the power data I am able to obtain and use to help me become a stronger and faster cyclist. IMG_3036
  25. Justin’s Maple Almond Butter…I love putting a heaping spoonful of this into my cream of rice cereal in the mornings for breakfast…YUMMY!! 🙂     IMG_3871

I am not sponsored by any of these products, and do not receive compensation for promoting them.  These are truly my favorites 🙂

What are some of your favorites?

24 thoughts on “Tri My Favorites

  1. Hey Kecia! I have a question for you. I, too, use Osmo as my drink while biking and running…in addition to water. I am trying to finalize the logistics of how I will be able to access it on the IMLP race course. I think I have the bike figured out and have some thoughts about having it on the run (my Nathan hydration belt with extra at special needs), but I wanted to get your thoughts on the subject. I wish I could run without a hydration belt, but can’t think of any other options, since I prefer that over a hand held. Thanks!

    1. I’ve thought about this as well. I’m thinking I’m going to either carry a hand held Nathan bottle or try to put single serving sizes in ziploc bags and dump in a water glass. The ziploc idea seems like a mess. I may carry multiple servings in a bag to pour into my Nathan bottle and remix part of the way through the run. I think that seems less messy. I don’t want to carry the bottle, but I think it is best to get my nutrition in.

      1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wanted to share with you what I did over the weekend, in case it give you any other ideas. I had a brick and it was very warm outside, so really had to focus on the hydration. I had my Nathan Hydration pack (with water) and carried a small bottle of concentrated Osmo (one that would go on a hydration belt) in the vest pocket. While I won’t be racing with the Hydration pack (relying on the aide stations for all the water), I will be racing with my fuel belt and just two bottles of concentrated Osmo. I would take a sip of the Osmo and follow that with plenty of water. So, essentially I am “mixing” the concentrated Osmo with the water when I drink it. This will allow me to carry less bottles/weight on the run course, but have the benefits of drinking the Osmo and not mixing the powder at special needs, etc. I do a combination of drinking just water and the water/concentrated Osmo mix during the run. I have been drinking concentrated bottles of Osmo on the bike for several weeks as well (again doing the same thing…sip of Osmo with plenty of water) so I have fewer bottles to have to supply for myself and can rely on the aide stations as much as possible. Since we are both using the same product, I just wanted to share my experience with you, in case it gave you any ideas.

      2. Thanks for the note!! I did something similar yesterday on my longer run. I carried a concentrated bottle of Osmo and then depended on the water fountains around town for the water. While this worked, it would have been better to carry additional water as there were times I really wished I had water in my possession. It was a warm run yesterday, so carrying water as well, probably would have been best. I know we won’t have to worry about the water on race day, so I’ll probably just carry my concentrated Osmo bottle and depend on the aid stations for water. Great minds think alike 🙂

  2. I feel like I wrote this list, ha ha! We have so many of the same favorites… I have an orca wetsuit, I love my 310XT, my speedfill hydration bottle… hoo ha ride gllide is THE BEST… I am addicted to the Justins Maple Almond butter (that suff is dangerous). I want to check out that saddle AND the TYR bag.. I bought a bag, but I worry it’s too big… good to know you love yours!

  3. Great list!! I have an Xterra wetsuit that I love. I am loving the Hoo Ha glide (thanks to your suggestion months ago). I feel like it is a real game changer!! 🙂 Justin’s pb/chocolate is a favorite. I love that you can get them in sample packs. I am dying to get a Coeur kit but they are always on backorder. I think that they are restocked now but I think I will wait until next season!! 😦
    Are you gluten free??!

    1. The Hoo Ha is a definite game changer. The Coeur kit is a game changer as well for the bike!! So amazing!! We are not gluten free, but do a lot of gluten free options if given the choice.

  4. I am all about the HeadSweat visors and wear the one I got from Boise 70.3 all the time. I also use body glide before every workout, especially in the summer. My favorite nutritional items are GU Roctane, Lemon Luna Bars, and Cliff Bloks. I still need to try the Osmo nutrition. Do you like the Coeur or SOAS kits more?

    1. I’m going to have to try the lemon luna bars. Those sound good!! I definitely like the CoeurSports kit better. The seamless chamois is a major game changer!!

  5. Great list, Kecia! I’m partial to Coeur + Osmo, obviously 🙂 And, love CEP, Bonk Breakers and Honey Stingers! Probably should get some Hoo Ha (I’ve never use any chamois butter while riding) and I desperately need a new saddle.

    1. Hoo Ha is a definite game changer!! I just swapped out my saddle with my new one and even though it isn’t broken in yet, I still love it! Let me know if you give it a try 🙂

  6. I knew I would be coming back to this list eventually, so with a pen in hand, I re-read it. Thanks for explaining it all so even newbies like myself can understand it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bike!!!!! And the matching helmet 🙂 Going to check out your other suggestions now, too.

      1. While I’m thinking about it, what do you normally do for nutrition/hydration for a half? Do you have a rule of thumb – one of my friends drinks every 5 minutes and eats every 10 – I don’t think I can do the eating so often thing since I’d rather just ride longer and eat more at once less often, but if it’s what most people need to do, I’ll do it! Just compiling information to try as I train 🙂

      2. I typically eat a Bonk Breaker Bar every hour while on the bike. Because my water is attached to my aero bars, I sip water continuously (probably every 10-15 minutes) and also drink from my Osmo (sports drink) bottle every 30 minutes. I switch over to my Honey Stinger Chews with about 45 minutes left on the bike since they aren’t as heavy in the gut as I get ready to transition to running.

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