For those just joining my 10 Day You Challenge, I have shared my secrets, loves, fears, wants and places.  This week I get to share with you my favorite foods 🙂


  1. Karma Kombucha…I drink one bottle of Booch a day.  I love the flavors and the probiotics that keep me healthy…even when I’m surrounded by middle school germs 🙂  IMG_1599
  2. Fruit…while I realize this is technically a food group, I LOVE ALL FRUIT!!  I have yet to find a fruit that I don’t like.
  3. Seafood…I realize this is also a rather large category, but I LOVE SEAFOOD!!  I’ve often said I could be a vegetarian with the exception of seafood.
  4. Pizza…let me stipulate that the pizza I love is my homemade, gluten-free sweet potato and kale pizza…it is truly A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 😉  IMG_3980
  5. Sushi…I could not imagine never being able to eat sushi again.  SO YUMMY!!   IMG_4144

What are some of your favorite foods?



    1. It is delish, De!! We use the Chebe pizza crust, top it with our homemade Basil pesto, sweet potatoes, fresh kale, sautéed onions and red bell pepper and too it off with a little mozzarella cheese. 😋

  1. Kale and sweet potatoes on pizza? I MUST try this. I like the idea of “out of the box” pizza toppings. I really need to branch out in the food department.

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