“I Feel Good”

This last week was the culmination of our training for Ironman before the taper.  Not only was this our biggest week of training, but it was also my first week back to school.  Needless to say, a LOT of household chores have been neglected as a result.  I can’t believe it has taken me nearly 5 days into the taper to get this blog post written…crazy how time flies!!

Here is what our final BIG training week looked like:

Monday (8/11):

Inservice Day – No Students

3700 yard swim at 5:45 am (ladder to 400)


One hour strength training over lunch

Tuesday (8/12):

Inservice Day – No Students

15 mile run at endurance pace after work (starting at 4:30 pm)

Wednesday (8/13):

Inservice Day – No Students

2700 meter swim at 6 am (300s)

Brick: 20 minute run, 3 hour ride at Half Ironman race pace, 30 minute run (starting at 3 pm)

Thursday (8/14):

First Day of Class with Students

One hour strength training at 5 am

Friday (8/15):

Unintentional Rest Day:  I was scheduled to swim for 1 hour today, but I was EXHAUSTED after completing my first week back at school and lots of training, so I decided recovery for the weekend workouts might be best and scratched this workout.

Saturday (8/16):

LONG Brick:  112 miles on the bike followed by a 9 mile run

This was our longest brick of the season.  While I was riding, I started to hear James Brown in my head, “I Feel Good.”  Eventually this started to escape my lips and I found that even when I wasn’t feeling good, if I started singing this song, my attitude changed and I started actually feeling good again.  The mind is a powerful tool 🙂  The run portion of this brick was AWESOME!!  I felt AH-MA-ZING and know that I could have ran 26.2 miles.  I hope I feel this good on race day 🙂


Sunday (8/17):

One hour leisure bike ride in the am

Bike cleaning session…it was great to have a couple of little helpers with this 😉

IMG_4325 IMG_4324 IMG_4323

5843 yard swim at 6 pm, including 3×1500 at race pace (3.3 miles of pool swimming is a lot of turning)

Monday (8/18):

18 mile endurance run after work (starting at 4 pm)

This was the longest run I’ve had since my injury in early May.  It was also the hottest run we’ve had all season.  We have been very lucky this year with cool training weather, but Monday was HOT and HUMID, which made this 18 mile run much more challenging, but we accomplished it.  “I Feel Good” continued to pull me through this difficult workout as well.  I really hope the cool weather returns in time for race day!!

Total Time:  25 hours

Total Distance covered:  223.5 miles

New Song for Race Day: “I Feel Good” by James Brown

What song(s) do you sing to yourself while exercising to help ease the pain?

12 thoughts on ““I Feel Good”

  1. Very nice. Looks like you are dialed in and ready for the big day. I had a similar peak training week and have cut everything in half. Shorter bricks, shorter swims, later alarm clock settings. Just enough exercise to maintain fitness, and focusing on a few skills that I will need (did a night run for the first time with a headlamp…since I will NOT be finishing in daylight!), and more OWS (I have not done much this training cycle). Hope to meet you in Madison since you have been an inspiration and a permanent cheerleader for me. Are you part of the FB IMOO group? If so, will you attend any of the meet ups? There are several people whose support has been so valuable during the last 30 weeks that I have never actually met. Madison will almost be a reunion of sorts. Have a great recovery/taper!

    1. I am part of the FB IMOO group, Raymond 🙂 We will be arriving on Thursday around lunch time and checking in right away. Thursday is the best day to check in if you can since there are fewer athletes around that day. I hope we get the chance to meet up on race weekend and thanks for inspiring and motivating me over these last 30+ weeks 😉

  2. That sounds like an intense week-great job for getting through it! And a high five for making kids help with bike cleaning 🙂

    1. Allen is a great friend who does a lot of training with us, so we cleaned all 3 of our bikes and his girls wanted to help. It was a fun morning and they learned a little bit about bike maintenance 😉

  3. OMG!! What a week!! I hope that you are trying to sleep as much as you can also!! 🙂 It is probably not hard once your head hits the pillow!!
    I think that you have a great song to get you through the hard times! I used ‘Madness” by Muse for a couple of my hard work outs + the race. It really worked well and am glad I thought of the song!! 🙂
    I think that it is great that you are doing your long runs after work…when you are tired because that is how it will be on race day!! I am so glad that your running has come along. I know you were nervous a couple of months ago.
    You are so close!! Taper well!! Sleep lots and eat well!!

    1. I definitely fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow last week!! I am enjoying the taper and SUPER thankful that I am back to running. It was a struggle there for a while, but Dr. Chris got me back on track just in time 🙂

  4. Woohoo for your last BIG week of training! You are more than ready to rock Wisco, Kecia! Super excited to see you out on the course 🙂 Enjoy taper… I know I am, and it’s only the first day of it… ha! See you in Madison!

  5. Wow, I can’t believe you did 15 and 18 miles after 4:00pm, after a long day at work. If that doesn’t prepare you mentally and physically, I don’t know what will. You are more than ready to conquer this Ironman. What a week of training!! My husband always sings Eye Of The Tiger when I am racing. It makes me laugh more than anything and keeps me thinking positively. Enjoy the taper!

    1. Thanks Kristen! I woke up this morning with a throat so sore I can hardly swallow. I’m heading to the dr. in about an hour and will be tapering a little harder than I had originally planned. Maybe it will serve me well in 10 short days 😉 Eye of the Tiger is a great racing song!!

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