Accomplishing Goals and Chasing Dreams

Sunday was a GREAT day to chase dreams!!  I had two goals for Ironman Wisconsin 2014.

  1. Cross the finish line and remember my race (including the finish).  In 2011, I was hyponatremic and do not remember the last 8 hours of my race nor most of the following day.  This time around, I was focused only on race execution.  I didn’t care how long it took me.
  2. Smile. All. Day. Long.

I successfully achieved both of my goals!!  I smiled all day long (even when it hurt), I crossed the finish line and remember my whole day.  The best part…I was still “running”…even after 140.6+ miles (you’ll have to tune in for later posts on why the “+”)!!   😉


P.S. I did set a new PR by almost 1 hour…so it was all in all a VERY successful day for me!!

33 thoughts on “Accomplishing Goals and Chasing Dreams

  1. KICK ASS KECIA!!!!! Here’s my story – I had a crazy weekend (11 12 year-old boys at a birthday party, training all day Saturday) and as soon as I started to settle Sunday evening, I thought about the race. I ran to the computer to check and see and initially thought you didn’t finish, which made me super sad. Then I realized you were RUNNING at that very moment and that the race was Sunday, not Saturday. I cyberstalked you until I had to go to bed and when I checked Monday morning, was so happy for you I choked up a little bit!!! I’m so thrilled for you!!! Congrats and hugs!!! YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!! WHOHOOOOOO!!!!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you acheived both of your race day goals. I can’t wait to read all about the race and your experience. I’m so curious about the “+”

  3. WOW! Love both of those goals, and that you nailed them – plus a shiny, new PR, to boot! Cannot wait to read all about it in the recap!!! Congratulations – I hope you’re still celebrating 😉

  4. Woo hoo! You were AMAZING!! I had such joy in my heart watching you accomplish your goals. You and Tim are so fantastic, and I’m happy I got to share in the day!

  5. So much joy in that photo! Sunday was a GREAT day indeed. So proud of you, Kecia! Congrats on the HUGE PR! Can’t wait to read all the race day details and hear about the + 🙂 And, awesome to meet you! Loved that we kept running into each other all over Madison 🙂 xo.

  6. YES!!! I can’t wait to hear more!!! Congrats on such an awesome day!! It was so fun to follow you all day and then see you finish!!! I am so glad that you accomplished all of your goals!! Sometimes all you can do is smile when you hurt!! 🙂

  7. Need. Race. Report. Now.

    Seriously, congrats on a great day and great PR. I was on the dehydrated and hyponatremic end of things (stomach issues early from the swim and never recovered…but was able to finish, and was smiling most of the way…). Great day in so many ways. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Raymond!! It was great to see that you finished…just like I knew you would 🙂 I’ll get those race reports up this weekend. Heading back to work has consumed most of my time this week…that and catching up on sleep 😉

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