Currently 9.26.14

What have I been up to post Ironman Wisconsin 2014???

Lots of recovering…While I know it is my body’s best interest to take some time off and fully recover, I’ve noticed my mental state is less than happy about this rest period.  With more stress at work and less exercise to combat that stress, my sleep schedule has suffered a bit (which just further frustrates me).  While 3 weeks of recovery have been necessary, it is time to find that wagon and get back on it.

get on the wagon

Grading…This is my LEAST favorite part of my job.  Last week I spent 24.5 hours (outside of my 7 am to 3:30 pm work day) grading student papers.  I am very grateful that this round of grading is behind me and really hope that the students use all of my comments to improve their papers before they submit their final drafts.


A few workouts…I have taught TRX every Thursday since #IMMOO, reconnected with my yoga mat, gone on a bike ride here and a run there, but nothing super serious.  After 3 weeks of rest, it is time to focus on getting back into a more consistent workout schedule.  I always sleep better, eat better and feel better when exercise is one of my top 3 priorities (after the Iron Hippie and the pups of course).

IMG_4453 IMG_0003

Future planning…It is no secret that I am a goal oriented person.  Without a race on the calendar and something to drive me to get out the door and train consistently, my physical and mental state are not where I need/want them to be.  I have been looking at many race options and have a really solid idea of where I want to take my training and racing this coming year, but I have to wait until pay day and hope that the races I have my eyes on are still open.  For now…I can tell you that I am running a 5K on Sunday to mark the 10 year anniversary of my first race and am participating in a 10 mile trail run on Saturday, October 11.  I am really excited to go off road and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery in central Iowa 😉

Workouts planned for next week ;)
Workouts planned for next week 😉

Spending time with the pups…There has been more time for snuggles, playing frisbee, playing catch, walking and lovin’ on my girls.  This makes us all happy 🙂


After a year sans alcohol, I’ve enjoyed a tasty beer or two.  We visited a local brewery and enjoyed the atmosphere, but I can honestly say I haven’t missed alcoholic beverages that much and am seriously considering giving it up more permanently.

First beer after IMWI
Boone Valley Brewery
Boone Valley Brewery

What have you been up to?  What is your favorite post race recovery activity?

18 thoughts on “Currently 9.26.14

  1. Post race recovery… What’s that? Seriously though, I ride my bike but I’d bet you knew that already. Nothing makes my legs happier than a nice spin with my wife. She’s my perfect pacer, she gets a good workout and I get to spin my legs back to life.

    1. I do know that you ride your bike 😉 I love riding my bike with my husband, but unfortunately it is not recovery for either of us…we both tend to push each other quite nicely. I’m glad your wife has taken up cycling. It is so much better to ride together 🙂

      1. It is, and at the same time I feel your pain. I had a tough time slowing down, even just a few days a week. Kept feeling like I was loosing out on an opportunity to get faster.

      2. It is so hard to slow down sometimes…I guess I just have to find someone new to ride with who is slower than me so I can have a recovery ride at least once a week 😉

  2. I’m trying to go back to my pre-IM training running routine, and my body is rebelling. I usually do a 15 mile long run once a week, and you legs are lead by mile 8. I have a 10 mile run next week, and a full marathon next month…

  3. I must be one of the few who enjoys taper (because I know what’s coming) and recovery… to a certain point of course! Ok, maybe like 6 days, then I’m bouncing off the walls and feel so LAZY!! 🙂 I like to get a game plan and see if I can take advantage of the work I did to get in good shape. I couldn’t after Boston so I’m going to do back to back marathons in the spring. Here’s hoping it doesn’t backfire on me! Can’t wait to hear what you have planned!!!!

    1. The recovery time after Ironman is something I dread!! I know my body needs it, but I definitely don’t like taking a break. I feel EXTREMELY LAZY right now!! I know if I want to put my body through some more intense races next year, that I need the break now though 😉

  4. I can’t even imagine the recovery time after completing an Ironman. It takes me a few weeks just to recover from a marathon, let alone swimming and biking before doing one. It sounds like things are going well for the most part and that you are getting to enjoy some down time. Nothing like hours and hours of grading on top of your normal work hours. I am in the same boat when it comes to grading. It definitely takes a good chunk of time and comes in spurts. For me, I have to dedicate a block of time when I grade and be in the right mindset, which can be a struggle at times. Can’t wait to see what big races you will be doing in the upcoming year!

    1. Recovery from Ironman is similar to recovery from a marathon, but a bit longer in duration 😉 Grading is definitely my least favorite part of teaching and I really wish I could find a way to not have assignments to grade, but as educators, we all know that isn’t possible. I should be making an announce by the end of the month regarding upcoming races. I’m excited to have races to train for again 🙂

  5. Awesome!! Sounds like recovery is going “well”!! Once you start back on a structure I bet you will feel better!! 🙂 You are definitely do it right though. Easing your way back into some activity!! 🙂
    Interesting that you might give up beer permanently!
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for next year especially if you decide on an IM!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Leslie! I should have a more firm plan for the coming year by the end of October. Structure is what I need and structure is what I’m going to get starting this coming week. I’ve had a lot of work related issues this week and decided I’d get all my ducks in a row there so that next week I can focus on getting myself back into a workout routine that works for me and this off season.

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