My 10th Anniversary of My 1st Race

In 2004, I ran my first race…the Run for the Roses 5K.  I finished the 3.1 miles in a time of 33:18 and I thought I was going to die!!

I decided I HAD to run the Run for the Roses 5K again this year to reminisce my first race.  So…Sunday I ran the Run for the Roses 5K (on a different course from 10 years ago).  The alarm clock went off at 6 am for a power-filled breakfast.


The race started and finished at the Ames Middle School (where I work), so we arrived at 7:30 am, picked up our race packet and hung out in my classroom to stay warm (it was only 43F).  Five minutes before race start, we went outside and stripped down to our race attire.

Racing in style with Coeur Sports. Lora is excited for her first race 🙂


I ran with Basil, who thinks she needs to be at the front of the pack.  As a result, I had to continuously remind her to “heal” the whole run and keep her on a tight leash by my side.  While we ran at a quick pace, I am certain I could have ran faster solo.  My goal was to beat my time from 10 years ago and we did so quite successfully.

Basil and I ready to run…she is super concerned with all of the other dogs around and not wanting to cooperate for the camera 😉
While I look like I’m sleeping, I can assure you I’m finishing strong. Basil looks so happy and proud to be running 🙂

I definitely got an arm workout in while running with Basil, since I was continuously pulling back on her with my left arm.  We finished in 24:34, which wasn’t a PR, but it was close to 10 minutes faster than in 2004…we’ll take it!!  Oh…and I was first in my age group 😉

Finished 1st in my age group in a time of 24:34 (7:55 average pace).
Finished 1st in my age group in a time of 24:34 (7:55 average pace).
Congrats to Lora for successfully finishing her first race and doing it in a time faster than she had hoped for!!
Congrats to Lora for successfully finishing her first race and doing it in a time faster than she had hoped for!!

How long have you been racing?  What is your favorite distance to race?

13 thoughts on “My 10th Anniversary of My 1st Race

  1. I”ve grown to love the challenge of the 5k, but really like half marathons. Tough, but the training doesn’t kill you like fulls. Great job and that’s so crazy you’ve been running for 10 years and all the accomplishments you’ve made!!! Way to go!

    1. Thanks Kelli!! It has been a fun ride these last 10 years!! The 5K is definitely a challenging distance for me since it is more speed work than I typically take part in during Ironman training 😉

  2. Great photos! I’m impressed with Basil’s stamina (our dog is about 14 and he can run for half a block, maybe) – she’s so cute! Congrats on your age group place too!
    I think that I’ll always love the 10k distance. It’s long enough that you really have to work at it but short enough to go feel that you’ve gone fast (for me).

    1. Thanks Kristina!! Basil LOVES to run!! She has ran up to 12 miles with me and takes water stops along the way just like we do. She is the perfect running partner 😉

  3. Awesome!! Love it!! Congrats! So fast! 1st in your AG!! I think it would be fun but stressful to run with a dog!! Good for you!
    My first 5K was the Turkey Stuffer in 2006!! I loved it and decided that I wanted to train for a half marathon! 13.1 miles is definitely my favorite distance! My favorite to train for also!

    1. Thanks Leslie!! I love running with Basil…she is a good runner and great company 🙂
      I think my favorite distance is the 70.3…I have to train for it, but it doesn’t consume all of my time.

  4. Congratulations on 10 years!! That is pretty awesome that you were reunited with the race that started it all. My first race was the Houston marathon, so perhaps someday I will revisit it. My favorite distance to run is 13.1 miles, but I do love the challenge of a marathon. BTW, I love the name Basil for a dog. Might have to steal that one if we ever get a dog.

    1. I too love the 13.1 mile distance…I like it even better following a 1.2 mile swim and a 56 mile bike ride 😉 I would be honored if you named your dog Basil!! She is such a sweet girl and I love her to pieces!!

  5. So fun (and important) to reflect back on our racing history, right?! Congrats on speedy race – and first place AG! My first race… hmm… there was a 5K in my hometown that I ran every year starting in middle school, but my first official race was the Fargo half marathon in 2006. My favorite distance: 140.6 🙂

    1. It was fun to reflect back on my racing history 🙂 I love the challenge of the 140.6 distance, but the 70.3 is definitely my favorite 😉

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