My Run Essentials

With my first 10 mile trail race coming up on Saturday, October 11, I feel it is appropriate to share with you some of my running essentials…

  • Tri Kit…I am going with the Chevron Coeur kit for Saturday’s race.  I love the fit of a triathlon kit when I run.  I have less chafing with tighter fitting clothing.  I wore a Coeur kit for the marathon at Ironman Wisconsin and had ZERO chaffing.  The tight fit and seamless chamois are AH-MAZ-ING!!  I would HIGHLY recommend all women give them a try!!
  • Boco visor…it allows my head to ventilate, yet shade my face and absorb sweat.
  • Brooks Pure Flow running shoes with iBungee shoe laces keep my feet happy.  When my feet swell, the laces give in all the right places.
  • Road Runner Sports Drymax Socks…help prevent blisters and keep my feet happy.
  • Zoot race belt…fits just right on my hips and prevents the need for safety pins in my clothes.
  • Body Glide…to prevent chafing in all of the places you don’t want it.
  • Honey Stinger Chews pink lemonade flavor…just what I need for a boost of energy an hour into a run.
  • Bellweather Arm Warmers…on a cool morning when the low temperatures are predicted to be 42F at race start, these are essential.
  • Road ID…you never know when an accident may strike and emergency information is needed.
  • Nathan hand held water bottle…this allows me to carry hydration, nutrition and my cell phone while on long training runs.
  • Osmo Active Hydration…the women’s formula is great!!  It keeps me hydrated, and I had zero issues with salt imbalances at Ironman Wisconsin 2014 (even while exercising for 15:15:56).
  • iFitness fuel belt…it is a nice snug fit, expands to hold lots of goodies and doesn’t move or wiggle while you run.



What are your run essentials?  What fun, fall races do you have planned?

10 thoughts on “My Run Essentials

  1. I’m SUPER jealous that you found a 10 mile trail race! I have been looking for a race like that near where I live, and it’s impossible to find. I love trail running, and definitely prefer it to running on the road. I think trail running really helps us become stronger runners. I also like the honey stinger pink lemonade:) I’ve been thinking of switching gears to OSMO after hearing so many good things about it! What did you do with it at IMWI? DId you put extra in special needs? My fear would be dropping nutrition.

    1. I’m super excited to do this trail race!! It is single track, so I’m not sure how much of a “race” it will really be, but it will be fun regardless 🙂 I did put extra Osmo in my special needs bag. I also carried my Nathan hand-held water bottle for the first 13.1 miles on the run with Osmo in it and then went with water and chicken broth for the last 13.1 miles. It worked like a charm 😉

  2. I LOVE trail running. We have a half marathon next weekend here in Bend that is a trail run, but I decided not to do it because it is so close to the marathon. I am thinking about adding one more marathon to my race schedule before the end of the year (it would be very spontaneous) but we’ll see. Otherwise, I have nothing until 2015! One of my running essentials is Extra Spearmint gum. I have to run with gum!!

    1. Which marathon are you considering? Sometimes being spontaneous is so much fun and rewarding!! I’ve never ran with gum and would probably choke 😉

  3. Trail races are the best! There’s a summer series here around MSP, but I sadly wasn’t able to run any this year because of IM training. Hope yours was FUN! My run essentials: amphipod handheld bottle, Osmo, Coeur visor, Feetures, Hokas and speed shorts 🙂

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