A Girl Can Dream

Today is the day that Ironman Kona athletes face the 140.6 miles and give it their all.  Today is the day for inspiration.  Today is the day for determination.  Today is the day that dreams come true for many athletes.  Today is the day…SEIZE THE DAY!!


I have many dreams, but there is only one that I will be working hard for in 2015…

What are your dreams?  How do you plan to achieve them?



26 thoughts on “A Girl Can Dream

      1. Ok well 1) that’s not fair because we now have to wait and 2) good because I thought I read all your posts and would feel bad if I’d missed a big one in there and 3) really excited to find out!!!

      2. I’m sorry to disappoint you. You didn’t miss anything and I’ll keep the excitement building just for you, Kelli 😉

      1. Well, even though you are in teasing mode and not sharing mode, I will share anyways. Two big goals: 1) I will likely do my first ultra marathon. The race I am looking at is a 24 hour run. I can stop at any time, and there is no DNF…so there is no pressure. I did a 50k during Ironman training so I know I can do an ultra distance. The question is how far I am willing to go. 2) achieve balence between training/racing and the rest of my life. Without IM training, that should be easier. I just need to find that sweet spot…

      2. Those are two great goals Raymond! I definitely want to do a 50K some year, but I don’t know when and want to find the right race.

  1. You can’t not tell us what your dream is!! I know you are waiting to share, but still…. 😉
    I have a list of dreams and things I want to accomplish in my life, but at the top is to complete an Ironman and make it to Kona (someday) and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    1. I will definitely share 🙂 Kona yesterday was so inspirational!! WOW!! You can definitely get to Kona someday!! Mt. Kilimanjaro would be a huge feat, but so rewarding to get to the top. Those are awesome dreams!!

  2. Ah, man… do tell! 🙂 I am beyond inspired from yesterday’s incredible performances at Kona! Always, always dream BIG and never give up! Excited to hear yours 🙂

    1. I will share, just need to register first so I really have to work towards. P.S. I too was super inspired by the Kona performances yesterday!! Dream BIG!!

  3. Dreams? Hmmm. To stay healthy and continue trying to complete however many triathlons and running and cycling events as I can next year. Maybe even a swimming event!

  4. So many dreams! 🙂 It is so hard not to be inspired by the amazing performances yesterday ( I can’t wait for the NBC broadcast as well!).

  5. I didn’t get to watch hardly any of the coverage at Kona this year but I saw a little and I saw Mirinda cross the finish line! What a day! So inspirational. Definitely makes me want to do another IM next year! Dream big! Can’t wait to hear your big news!

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