The Contents of My “Oh Crap Bag”

Have you ever gotten to the gym to complete a workout and realized that you’ve forgotten something you need to complete a workout?  Thankfully I’m small chested enough, so when I forgot a sports bra, it wasn’t too noticeable 😉  Yes, this actually happened to me and gave me the idea to pack an OH CRAP “BAG” to leave in my car.

Since Sunday was the last day of my off-season and training became more of a regularity this week, I will need to be prepared for any workout that I may have when I get to the gym.  I decided to share with you the contents of my OH CRAP “BAG:”

  1. Goggles
  2. Swim Cap
  3. Swim Suit
  4. Sports Bra
  5. Running Shoes
  6. Socks
  7. Capris
  8. Tech Shirt
  9. Body Glide
  10. Honey Stinger Chews
  11. Water Bottle with Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration Powder
  12. Gloves
  13. Stocking Cap
  14. CO2 Cartridge
  15. Spare Tubes
  16. Multitool
  17. Sweat Towels
  18. Safety Pins
  19. Baby Wipes (you never know when you might need a quick “shower” in a can)
  20. Shower Caddy: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap, shave gel, razor, deodorant, face lotion, Q-tips, cotton balls, Hair Ties, Bandaids, Neosporin, Tiger Balm…you never know what you might need!!
I is more like multiple bags ;)
I know…it is more like multiple bags 😉

Do you have an OH CRAP BAG?  What do you have in your OH CRAP BAG? 

17 thoughts on “The Contents of My “Oh Crap Bag”

  1. Genius! I usually forget socks or my towel (also my computer froze about 10 times doing this so here is hoping that you don’t get 10 of the same comment!!). I am doing this over the weekend and I’ll post what I come up with. I do have a “holly crap I’m stranded” winter car kit.

    1. It has saved me a workout or two over the last few years. It is great to plan ahead just incase. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, De 😉

  2. I keep one of these too! Definitely agree about the goggles and swim cap… I would also say extra make up for a quick touch up, like tinted moisturizer or BB cream, dry shampoo if you can’t wash your hair, pony tail holders…and baby wipes are a must!

  3. That is quite the oh crap bag!! I don’t have one, as 99% of my workouts are from/at home.
    when I was tri training though and swimming, it would’ve been awesome to have an extra swimsuit, pair of goggles, and swim cap with me in case I forgot or they broke!

    1. It is quite the “Oh Crap Bag,” because I usually workout from some place other than home. I would love the opportunity to mostly workout from home, but that only happens in the summer months when I am not teaching 😉

  4. Great idea!! I ride my bike everywhere so i can’t really have an extra bag. I always pack my bag the night before and check it and check it again before i leave in the morning. I do keep some shower pill wipes in my bag for just in case!! 🙂 It totally sucks when i forget something especially a towel. One of my gyms doesn’t have towels and i don’t shower there very often so that is usually what i forget when i need to shower there! 😦

    1. I do ride my bike almost everywhere in the summer, but the convenience of a vehicle during the school year makes my life so much easier. I do keep about 4 extra towels in the under compartment of my vehicle. You never know when you might need one 😉

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