My Fave Workout – Week 1

Yesterday morning I had a swim session that made me feel reinvigorated!! While I was swimming I decided that every Friday, I would post my favorite weekly workout. My post will focus in on what my favorite workout of the week was and why I enjoyed it so much.

This week’s #FaveWorkout was:

Drills: 2100 yards

Warm-up: 100 kick with fins, 200 yards of breaststroke, and side stroke, 100 kick with fins
Drills: 10×50 yards of drills performed with perfect form (I chose catch-up, single-arm, finger-tip drag, torpedo and single-arm with rotation. Each drill was performed twice during this set.)
Main Set: 5×100 (15 sec rest), 30 sec recovery, the 5×100 as fast as you can go but with excellent form, recover as long as needed between each repeat
Cool-down: 200 swim, relaxed

I LOVED this workout because I was able to warm-up gradually and find that “perfect form” before having to work hard. I also enjoyed that it was a short workout that allowed me to spend a lot of time really focusing on form instead of speed…having the pool mostly to myself was an added bonus for this workout 😉


What was your favorite workout this week?

13 thoughts on “My Fave Workout – Week 1

    1. Yay for the Computrainer 🙂 The torpedo drill is when you swim with both of your arms directly by your side and you only kick (without any pull bouy or kickboard) starting with the left side of your body in line with the line on the bottom of the pool and your eyes on the bottom of the pool. Turn your head (keeping the left side of your body down) to take a breath and the focus your eyes back to the bottom of the pool. Without moving your head, rotate your body around your head so the right side of your body is in line with the line on the bottom of the pool. Once set, turn your head to breathe and then readjust your gaze to the line on the bottom of the pool before turning your entire body around your head and back so the left side of your body is in line with the line on the bottom of the pool. Your arms should stay TIGHT to your sides for the entire drill. Your eyes should stay fixed on the bottom of the pool unless you are breathing, but they should fix back on the bottom before any rotation occurs. I’ll see if I can get the Iron Hippie to videotape me doing this drill and post it for you 😉

      I hope it works for you!

    1. Swimming is a great cross training activity for running 😉 Don’t plan on going a mile the first session. The goal at the beginning should be to just refamiliarize yourself with the water and swim a few laps eventually building over time to longer swim sessions. Let me know if you decide to get back in the water…I love to swim 🙂

    1. Thanks Kelsey!! I always have a warm-up, but some of them are just not as long as others. I really enjoyed this longer warm up as it allowed me to REALLY warm-up before starting the working set 😉

  1. Great work-out! Great idea for a weekly post!! I haven’t done a proper workout in over a week 🙂 but i have been hiking different trails or walking on the beach most days on vacay!! Yesterday was our last day at the beach. We headed out for a walk along the water. Found a few BIG tide pools(think swimming hole) and swam and then walked back! It was super fun!

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