My #FaveWorkout – Week 2

If you missed last week’s #FaveWorkout, I shared a swim workout with you. This week’s #FaveWorkout was:

2 hour Trainer Ride: Z2, Z3 and Wall Sits


15 minute warm-up
8 minutes of Zone 2 followed by 2 minutes of Zone 3 – repeat 2 more times (complete 3 times total)
The rest should be repeats of this:
10 minutes Zone 2 (90+ rpms)
2 minutes Zone 3 (80+ rpms)
1.5 minutes Zone 3-4 (60-ish rpms)…be sure to move to an easy gear before getting off the bike
1 minute wall sits (off the bike!)
Repeat 3 times (complete 4 times total)
15 minute cool down


I LOVED this workout because it really challenged me physically and mentally to keep pushing. When I got off the bike for the first wall sit, my legs were shaking. By the time the final wall sit came, my legs were not only shaking, but they were burning. It felt really good to work hard and push my limits!! Any time I get to wear my Coeur Sports seam-free chamois tri shorts, it is a good day 🙂

What was your favorite workout this week?

14 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 2

  1. Yet again, I’ll be stealing this workout!! I have a bike workout that I love but I can’t remember exactly what it is- good, hard intervals minus the wall sits, probably a 90 min one. That and any time I can run pain free 🙂 I’m going nuts not really being able to run with no alternative workout while away from home this weekend!!

    1. Glad you like this workout! Is there a pool around that you can swim/water walk at to get a workout in this weekend? I hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving, Kelli!!

      1. Nope, not here. I thought about bringing my bike but thought I could push through a run. I had one good run the day we got here and it’s too painful today. Maybe Ill try again tomorrow 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you too. My parents drove through Ames on their way home from Rochester on Wednesday and they didn’t appreciate the road conditions.

      2. Bummer. Take it easy and go for a walk instead of running…starting 2015 off healthy is more important 😉

        It wasn’t pretty weather conditions here on Wednesday. Lots of snow, but it should be 41F today and 53F tomorrow, so most of it should melt.

    1. Thanks Kristen! I decided to try the new look…we’ll see how I like it over the next month 😉 Crazy that you have only one week and then you can relax and enjoy some off season fun!! I can’t wait to see how your race goes!!

    1. Those wall sits were challenging, but it was a good burn 😉

      I still need to get out and try cross country skiing. The problem is…we need enough snow and I have to time it right so I can rent the skis from a local shop. Not owning them, I just can’t go on a whim 😉

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