The Journey

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We are all writing our own book…the journey of life is different for each and everyone of us. I have many chapters in my book…races, work, family, friends, etc. Lately I feel as though my work chapter is overwhelming and uncomfortable. My family chapter has caused some frustrations lately (NOT with the Iron Hippie…) and I love my friends, but today I chose to focus on my race chapter (lucky for me it also incorporated friends). Each race is a new chapter and each workout is a page in that chapter. I have been fighting a head cold, which has made it a bit difficult to breathe while working out lately, so Monday and Tuesday I chose to leave my workout pages blank. Today, I turned the page. I wrote a page in this chapter by attending hot yoga!! Spending time with friends while getting sweaty was a bonus 😉

What do you put on each of your pages? What do your chapters look like? What does your book reveal about you?

8 thoughts on “The Journey

    1. Thanks Jim! It gave me perspective that even mid week, I can “turn the page” and start new. I don’t have to wait until a new calendar week starts back up 😉

  1. Never thought about it this way:) my work chapter is also causing me stress and making me feel unfulfilled. I need to find a work chapter that makes me as fulfilled as my other chapters in life. I hope you are feeling better now!

    1. I too need to find a new work chapter, but I’m not sure what I would do that would make me feel fulfilled like my other chapters do.

      I am feeling better, but still not 100%. I’m ready for this cold to permanently leave my system!!

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