My #FaveWorkout – Week 5

In case you’ve missed out, I’ve been writing about my favorite weekly workout every Friday for over a month now. I’ve had a favorite swim workout, 2 favorite bike workouts (Z2, Z3 and Wall Sits and 1-2-3-2-1 Ladder) and a TRX workout. This week my #FaveWorkout involved #runlove. As I said last week, I LOVE intervals…swim intervals, run intervals, bike intervals…so it would only make sense that I would love Zone 4 run intervals this week 🙂

Because of the weather, I took to the mill for this run.

50 minute run: 4×4 minute Fast

Warm-up for 15 minutes in Zone 1-2.
Then run intervals of 4 minutes fast (Zone 4) with 4 minutes of recovery (Zone 2…Do not walk between Zone 4 intervals). Do this a total of 4 times.
Cool-down easy for the rest of the workout.


What was your favorite workout this week?

11 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 5

  1. You’re an Ironman for doing a zone workout on a treadmill. Wow, gotta hand you a prize for that one!
    I did a really good bike workout this week – 15 min warm up followed by 6 sets of 7 min at Z4 with 3 min recovery between each sets. Kept them all close to 85-90 cadence. Cool down 15 min. I am still getting used to the fact of pushing my legs to fatigue (and more) while biking and swimming, so I worked hard at not slowing down during the sets.
    Happy Friday!!

  2. I love running intervals and pushing myself hard on the treadmill. In such a controlled environment, why not sweat a little and switch it up? I get bored if I run just one pace on the treddie. Great workout!

    1. I too get really bored if I run a constant pace on the mill. I definitely worked up a sweat Tuesday morning since the heat was on very high in the gym. Thanks Kristen 😉

  3. I like doing running intervals too but i would rather do them on the track! Nice job doing it on the mill!! I am definitely not much of a death mill runner but intervals are way better than just a straight run! 🙂
    My favorite work-out was a run as well! I was doing 1 minute fast 1 minute recovery! I think that i did 12!! Felt good to incorporate some speed!

    1. Yay!! 12 reps of 1 min fast, 1 min recovery sounds like a great workout!! I do not enjoy running on the death mill, but for me it is definitely better than the track. After being only allowed to run on the track last year for many months (while healing from injury) with the white line between my feet, I prefer the death mill over the track. Maybe I’ll go back and give the track a try sometime soon and see if my mindset is different 😉

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