My #FaveWorkout – Week 7

This week I was easing back into workouts after having pneumonia for Christmas, so I didn’t have as many workouts as I normally do to choose from. This week’s #FaveWorkout involved some intervals and #bikelove 🙂

1 hour trainer ride with 10×30 second all out efforts

Warm-up for 20-30 minutes, including some short Z3-4 efforts.
Then do 10×30 sec all out efforts with 90 sec recovery between.
Z2 for the rest of the ride.
Cool-down for 10 minutes.


As you know, I LOVE interval work and while this week’s interval sessions on the bike weren’t quite up to what is considered “normal” for me, they were still challenging as I was still not 100% yet.

*Be sure to ride on perceived effort if you are new to cycling. Z1 is the lowest effort and Z5 is the highest effort, so gauge your efforts accordingly.

**You could easily make this a 45 minute workout if you are short on time.

What was your favorite workout this week?

11 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 7

  1. I had one of those runs where I didn’t concern myself about pace and I ran because I NEEDED to run! It ended up clearing my head (that was the goal) and pace was pretty good after all. It is days like that when I love running!!

  2. Great work out!! I am glad that you are easing yourself back into it!! I have been enjoying the trainer quite a bit these last couple of weeks!! But my favorite work out of the week was a 2400 yard swim with a 1500 yard TT!! I am doing this 4 week to a faster 1500 yard program so I had to do a TT to get my base!! I was kind of dreading it but it went relatively good and was happy I did it!! 🙂

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