My #FaveWorkout – Week 9

This week I had a LOT of workouts that I LOVED, which made choosing a favorite much more challenging. I had 2 bike workouts, 2 run workouts and 1 swim workout that I loved…I hope this love streak continues!! Each of these workouts gave me a huge endorphin burst and made me feel unstoppable. I decided this week’s #faveworkout would be one of my run workouts.

This was a 50 minute HITT 2 run…

Warm-up for 15 minutes, gradually increasing your intensity and include 3-5 pick-ups (30 sec each). Next, alternate 60 sec of high intensity (think 95% of as hard as you can go) with 75 sec of recovery (easy jogging or walking) for a total of 10 times. Finish with 10 minutes of running and cooling down.



I took to the mill for this one as the windchill temperatures were -21F Tuesday morning. I wanted to maintain the same speed for each of the high intensity intervals of my run, so I decided to try a 7:30 pace. When I got done with #10, I felt really good!! This is when I heard TRJ’s voice in my head say, “Just one more,” so I did 1 more and then another and another…yep, 3 extra intervals!! I could have done a few more, but it was time to cool down.

I definitely should have run at a faster pace, so next time I’m going to shoot for a 7:00 pace and see where it takes me. Not only did I feel good enough to tag on some bonus intervals, but I also got to run next to my sole sister…there is nothing like some #runlove and #solesistasweat to start my day on a positive note!! I got off the mill feeling like I could conquer the world, which was a good thing since I immediately followed this run up with some #swimlove and an all day meeting 😉


What was your favorite workout this week?


23 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 9

  1. Nice work with those intervals!!! I LOVE interval workouts, I would do them every day if it didn’t mean I would burn out, ha! I’m sure running next to a friend makes the treadmill + intervals wayyy more bearable. Way to get it done:) My fav workout this week was on Monday when at swim practice we swam 1 mile as one of the sets, I ended up lapping my lane-mates and this definitely boosted confidence:)

  2. Ahh! This is awesome. I could feel the excitement reading this post. Way to knock out an awesome run! My fave workout this week – very, very surprisingly – a 3k time trial at swim practice on Tuesday! Mostly because I stayed positive the whole time haha.

  3. What a great run workout! My favourite workout was finally getting back in the pool 🙂 I’ve had to stop running/biking completely-I’m so thankful that I love swimming.

  4. Holy cold!!! Good work on the mill though!! 3 extra ones…you definitely weren’t working hard enough!! 🙂 Just kidding!!! You just keep getting stronger!!!
    My fave work out: I did 6×300 intervals in the pool and I kept right on pace for all of them. I was pumped cause I was nervous cause I haven’t been doing anything more then 200s!!

    1. It was cold, but the week before was -42F with windchill, so this was tolerable. I definitely need to run those intervals at a faster pace. Nice work on the swim!! 😃

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