My #FaveWorkout – Week 11

This week’s #FaveWorkout included lots of #bikelove…

I LOVED Sunday’s 2:30:00 ride including Z2, Z3 and Wall Sits, but I’ve already posted that as a #FaveWorkout in the past, so I am going with my 2nd #FaveWorkout this week…

Z5 Jumps


This is an hour workout (which you could shorten to 45 minutes if you are crunched for time). I LOVE #intervals and being on the bike makes my heart happy 😉 What a perfect way to start my Hump Day this week!!


What was your favorite workout this week?

11 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 11

  1. I got back to the gym yesterday after two weeks off and tried the elliptical trainer. It felt very strange and I’m not entirely convinced I got any exercise. I was pretty grouchy watching the people on the treadmill. Sigh-I’m going to try the stair master next time.

  2. Nice work!!! My favorite work out was my last workout of my 4 week series on swimming. warm up mix 600; 4{4×100 on 1:50; 1×100 on 2:10} no rest between sets just keep going!! 200 cool down. it was hard but good. I am happy to finish and do another TT on Monday!! 🙂

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