My #FaveWorkout – Week 12

My #FaveWorkout this week was not really because of the workout, but more because of where it took place…

IMG_1552I LOVE the pool at the Bedell Family YMCA in Spirit Lake, Iowa where I grew up. Granted,when I grew up, the Y didn’t exist…it is only about 5 or 6 years old…so I didn’t get to enjoy it when I lived there.

Last weekend we went to visit my parents and got snowed in thanks to the 8 inches of snow that fell (mostly on Sunday) in Okoboji. That was nothing compared to the 14 inches of wet, heavy snow we got back in Ames. Needless to say, we decided driving while it was snowing with 35 mph winds was probably not the smartest move, so we stayed an extra day in Boji. This meant Monday morning we got to complete our swim workout in a great pool!! Can you say serious #swimlove?!?!?!?!

  • It wasn’t 86F (like our pool back home).
  • It wasn’t closed because there was a water aerobics class in the pool (and there was a class in the pool while we were swimming).
  • It isn’t so heavily chlorinated that my skin itched for days after swimming.
  • It wasn’t so crowded that there were at least two people per lane.
  • It.Was.AWESOME!!

I suppose I should share with you the workout I actually completed, huh?!?!?!?!

7×200 (totaling 2500 yards)

Warm-up: 300 swim, 4×50 drills
Main Set: 6×50 (increase intensity with each repeat) (15 sec rest between)
7×200 (20 sec rest between) 0dd 200s are pull, even 200s are swim
Cool-down: 300 any stroke

I felt so peaceful and happy while swimming, yet so sad to have to leave when done…


What was your favorite weekly workout?

11 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 12

  1. Beautiful looking pool! I had three workouts last week-THREE. Now that I know what’s wrong with me knee, I was able to return to exercise with confidence on Tuesday. So yoga on Tuesday, cycling on Wednesday, and a slow run on Thursday-it all felt great, so they are all my favourites.

  2. It is super nice to be able to swim in a pool that is not super crowded. I usually don’t have that luxury, but every once in a while if I am able to swim at an odd time. I don’t prefer sharing a lane really…of course, I will, but too many other swimmers are not as courteous as others when it comes to the etiquette of sharing. I am pining this workout to try soon!

    1. I love having my own lane as well, but it typically doesn’t work that way and I end up sharing with someone. This was a luxurious swim 😃

  3. Awesome!!! Too bad you can’t swim there all the time!!!
    My favorite work out was the 2nd run of the day(training for Ragnar). I was nervous but it felt surprisingly good!!! It was right at dusk and not raining! Perfect temperature too!! 🙂

    1. It is a bummer that I can’t swim there all the time, although it is such a small town, that there isn’t much to offer in terms of fitness otherwise…

      Glad your second run went really well!!

  4. A beautiful pool indeed! Looks like a fun workout, too! My favorite workout the past week… a sunshiny six-mile run yesterday! Felt so good to be outside over lunch, and though it wasn’t overly warm (25º), there’s nothing better than some Vitamin D 🙂

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