Random Training Thoughts

Kristen over at Glitter and Dust posted about her random training thoughts and she asked me to share mine, so here are a variety of my random training thoughts over the last few weeks.

  1. While biking…Why does my Garmin keep quitting on me? SERIOUSLY…How many times will I have to restart my Garmin to collect data during this 2 1/2 hour ride? Apparently…10 times…UGH!! I think it might be time for a new Garmin.
  2. While swimming…I’m wearing goggles, so why do I close my eyes when someone splashes water in my face?
  3. While biking…I LOVE the seamless chamois in my Coeur Sports tri shorts!! #noangrykitty 🙂  IMG_1652
  4. While getting ART (active release therapy) done on my leg…When do I get to inflict this kind of pain on Dr. Chris?
  5. While running…Why is Basil always so happy to go run? It is so much fun to watch the joy Basil has while running. I wonder what she thinks about while we run…   IMG_1369
  6. While biking…Mojo, why do we have such a perfect chemistry? I love this bike!!!
  7. While running…How many more hills are we going to climb today? Here comes another one…That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  8. While biking…Why do my sensor (power and cadence) batteries have to die during the middle of a workout? Why can’t they wait until the end of the workout to go kaput?
  9. While swimming (with only a strap around my feet…no pull buoy)…I am SO thankful I am not paraplegic. Keeping my legs afloat is very challenging!!
  10. While running…Thank you Osmo Nutrition for keeping me hydrated!! That was a VERY sweaty run!! #womenarenotsmallmen   IMG_1508
  11. While getting a massage…OOUUCH!! My muscles are SO tight!!  IMG_4210
  12. After a massage…FINALLY…I can relax 🙂
  13. While biking…Why do zone 2 rides have to be so boring? I love intervals…give me speed work…I want hills…give me variety!!
  14. While on the trainer during a HARD #interval set…I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bicycle :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii1VuMX_G88
  15. While swimming…My legs are VERY tired today…please don’t drown, please don’t drown.

What random thoughts do you have while training?

18 thoughts on “Random Training Thoughts

  1. Awesome thoughts!!
    I have a lot of similar ones! I often wonder why I close my eyes while doing a flip turn while swimming.
    If I am having a particularly hard run, I wonder why it is so much harder today than any other day!!
    While cycling I often think i wish I didn’t have that high of wattage for the first interval because I am going to have to beat those watts on every other interval!! 🙂

    1. Oh…I too have had that same thought on the bike…Why did I push so hard at the beginning?!?!?!?! That is going to be tough to beat!! I thought that very thing during Monday night’s trainer ride, but it ended up being an amazing push through mental toughness and pure determination 😉

  2. Haha, these were funny! I wonder why I close my eyes when water gets wayupin my left ear. Still trying to get over that reflex. During today’s “easy” run that ended up being a pace run, I did think “effing a” but it wasn’t effing that I was thinking. Hey, I couldn’t slow down, ya know!
    Was thinking of giving Coeur a try since I’ll soon be getting very intimate with my new old bike.

  3. To clean up what goes on in my melon for a lady, my too main thoughts are “push harder, wus” and “quit whining”. Beyond that, it’s probably best to keep the rest to myself… 😉

  4. Ahaha, zone two yes! I did a zone two run tonight and I was so bored! Soooo slow! I tend to close my eyes too when I get splashed in the pool.

    1. Basil mostly trots around, but she definitely runs when she sees a squirrel or rabbit 😉 We do let her off leash in the parks and on country roads…she loves leaping through the ditches of snow also 😉

  5. #5 – Reminds me –> I want a dog!!! I’m still in the process of convincing my husband that we need (yes need) a golden retriever.

    #11 – Pretty much every time I get a massage. I don’t think I know what non-tight muscles feel like.

    #13 – YES!!!

    1. You DO NEED a dog!! They make the world a happier place 🙂

      I don’t know what it feels like to not have tight muscles either…I keep dreaming that one day I’ll wake up and my muscles will be loose, but it is always just a dream.

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