My #FaveWorkout – Week 15

This week is a recovery week and has been VERY limited on workouts. With parent teacher conferences early in the week and resting up for my FTP test, I didn’t get many workouts in during the first half of the week.

So what was my #FaveWorkout this week????

Thursday night was full of exercise fun…I started with my FTP test on the bike. I’m excited to be making #progress on the bike πŸ™‚ I immediately followed up my FTP test with TRX…this was myΒ weekly #FaveWorkout. I thinkΒ the reason it was my #FaveWorkout was because my legs were so fatigued that it made TRX even harder than normal. Here is what the workout consisted of:

  1. Warm-up with simple squats and cross lunges
  2. Single-leg squat with foot in stirrup (2×15 each leg)
  3. Single-leg lunge with foot in stirrup…no jumping with this one (2×15 each leg)…video starts at about 5:30
  4. Single-arm row (15 each arm)
  5. Standing hip-drop (20 each side)
  6. Plank (1 minute)
  7. Side Plank (1 minute each side)
  8. Hamstring curls (2×15)
  9. Glutes and Abductors Out and Ins (2×15)…video segment from 15-15 seconds
  10. Pike (15)…you can do this on your elbows or hands
  11. Mountain Climbers (1 minute)…this was killer!! I’d recommend starting with 30 seconds first.
  12. Side Plank with Hip Drop (15 each side)
  13. Atomic Push-Ups (10)
  14. Saw (3o seconds)
  15. Swimmers (18 each direction)…lay on the floor face down with hands on the loops of the straps and do the breaststroke motion. Once you’ve completed 18 breaststroke motions, reverse the motion and complete 18 more.
  16. Leg Drops side to side (10 each side)…holding onto the straps
  17. Leg Drops straight down the center (12)…holding onto the straps


What was your #FaveWorkout this week?

13 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 15

  1. That’s a great workout!!! Mine was the 5 @ 7:22. My legs are STILL tired from it and that was Wednesday! Glad you made it through the week – sigh! I assume that’s it for PT conferences for this school year? Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Kelli!! Unfortunately we had no conferences due to the weather Wednesday night, so I get to do those this coming Wednesday night.

      Nice work on the 7:22 pace. You ROCK!! πŸ‘Š

  2. Great TRX workout Kecia! I really want to try that one day! My fave workout of the week was last night actually. I am also on recovery week and had a shorter tempo run. I wanted a solid effort, but concerned about my HR, because I did not want it to get to intense, since I am on recovery. It was 30 main set (after 5 mins w/u and then 5 mins c/d). I was able to average a great pace and it was at a faster pace than what I started even started my last tempo run at. So, it was shorter, but effective and I felt great!!

    1. I’ve been working on planks everyday except Friday’s and am up to 3:30. I never imagined myself getting that far in the last 30 days. You can totally do it too, Sandra!!

      1. Slowly build it. I try to do 3 days in a row of the same duration and the 4th day increase it 15 seconds. If the rest day falls in the middle, I pick up where I left off. Totally doable!! Let me know how it goes πŸ˜‰

  3. I want to try TRX so badly! The YMCA I swim at offers it, I should just suck it up and go one of these days

    1. You should!! It is a great full body strength and a lot of fun. You can make it super challenging or easy depending upon where you position yourself relative to the TRX strap πŸ˜‰

  4. Great work-out!! I didn’t do a lot last week. It is rare but I was tired after Ragnar and I had my bike TT (which wasn’t awesome but ok–i am going to do a post soon). My mom was in town and in regular weeks I just work out when she is here BUT I just didn’t feel like working out so I didn’t!! πŸ™‚ I guess my favorite work out was my swim. I just did a bunch of drills/kicking and fast/slow stuff. It was good though!

    1. It is often good to listen to our bodies and give them what they want…when you need rest, take it πŸ™‚ Working on drills/kicking and fast/slow stuff in the water is nothing to scoff at!! I’m glad you enjoyed time with your Mom and took a break πŸ™‚

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