My #FaveWorkout – Week 18

Crazy how time flies…especially when you don’t want it to!! As Spring Break comes to an end, I didn’t quite have the workout week I had hoped for, but it is good to give your body a break from time to time also.

My #FaveWorkout this week involved some unexpected #runlove on Tuesday. I was tired. I was so tired that I thought about skipping my workouts for the day. My morning swim didn’t go that great, so I didn’t have high expectations for my run. Boy did I surprise myself!! 🙂

I was scheduled to run 50 minutes including 4×4 minutes fast…
Warm-up for 15 minutes in Zone 1-2.
Then run intervals of 4 minutes fast (Zone 4) with 4 minutes of recovery (Zone 2).
Do this a total of 4 times.
Cool-down easy for the rest of the workout.
The fast sections should be just a little faster than your 5K race pace.

I started off fast (for me) and just kept going…it felt good, so I went with it…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

Mile 1 = 8:39 average pace
Mile 2 = 8:16 average pace
Mile 3 = 8:13 average pace
Mile 4 = 8:00 average pace
Mile 5 = 7:52 average pace
Mile 6 = 7:49 average pace
Last 0.2 miles = 7:31 average pace

I LOVE my Newton Kismets!!

Sometimes the unexpected workouts are the best!!

What was your #FaveWorkout this week? Have you ever had a workout turn out way better than you thought it would? How did it make you feel?

13 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 18

  1. I had a workout suck more than it should have! Tuesday night was freaking horrible windy – read the words coming out of my word processor: G-n-a-r-l-y! We ended up with 15 miles instead of 37. Took Wednesday off because my legs hurt but yesterday and today we’re back to normal. Set for a 50 tomorrow and 40 more on Sunday… Still might salvage a decent week out of this.

      1. Should be good. Just got a new long-sleeve jersey for the cold and we’ve got 50 planned for both Saturday and Sunday. Should be enough. Thanks Kecia.

  2. Awesome work-out!! That just shows all the deathmill work-outs have been a raging success!! 🙂 I love when work-outs go better than you planned!! It always makes for a good log in the log book!!
    My favorite work out was one of my strength work outs! I felt really strong!!

    1. Thanks Leslie!! I guess those dreadmill workouts have paid off 😉 I love it when I feel strong, so awesome work out of you!!

  3. Way to ROCK IT!!!! I think workouts like you described….not feeling it, having no expectations going on, etc…can sometimes end up being great! It is interesting how you can move past all that when you put no pressure on yourself. When I have workouts that this, I feel so awesome! Also, it pushes me when I have similar feelings at another time. I tell myself to just suck it up and do the workout because it might end up being a good one!!

    1. Thanks Lee!! I agree…I often race better when I have no expectations as well. We just never know when the good workout is going to show up 😉

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