My #FaveWorkout – Week 19

This week’s #FaveWorkout came by surprise. I was DREADING running on the dreadmill again. We had a week where the temperatures were warm, but then typical Iowa March weather returned (minus the snow thankfully) for most of last week and all of this week. Thankfully the weather was not the reason I had to run on the dreadmill Tuesday morning…the scheduled workout was…”Lucky 7s…”

1. 10 minute warm up
2. Then lock treadmill @ “x” mph and do not adjust the remainder of the workout – Should start in high zone 1/low zone 2
3. Start with 1 minute @ 6% grade
4. Then 6 min @ 1% grade
5. Then 2 min @ 5% grade
6. Then 5 min @ 2% grade
7. Then 3 min @ 4% grade
8. Then 4 min @ 3% grade
9. Then 4 min @ 3% grade
10. Then 3 min @ 4% grade
11. Then 5 min @ 2% grade
12. Then 2 min @ 5% grade
13. Then 6 min @1% grade
14. Then 1 min @ 6% grade
15. 5 minute EZ cool down

I mentally was not feeling ready for this workout, but I knew I had to quickly change my mindset if I was going to successfully conquer this workout and get myself closer to achieving big dreams. As I set the dreadmill at a 9:40 pace, I thought back to the last time I attempted this workout at this pace, I had to drop the pace to 10:00/mile instead. This made my mind go crazy and doubt crept in…will I be able to hold the 9:40/mile pace for the whole run? Climbing hills of varying grade for 42 consecutive minutes is NOT easy. Ok, Kecia…break this down…do one segment at a time. These are my thoughts and mental challenges I had to overcome throughout the run:

Hill #1…short and steep…success!
Hill #2…relatively flat…no problem!
Hill #3…this is getting a bit more difficult…I did it!
Hill #4…this one wasn’t so bad…check!
Hill #5…this is where the real challenge begins…done!
Hill #6 & #7…this is going to be a long one since I have to do it twice in a row…how much longer…oh my…please end soon…I survived!
Hill #8…think strong thoughts…think strong thoughts…I made it!
Hill #9…finally a slight reprieve…YES!
Hill #10…here we go again…another steep one…I am strong…I am tough…”Don’t Stop Believin’!
Hill #11…another easy hill…just one more short, steep hill to go…this workout is in the bag!
Hill #12…final hill…I AM STRONG…I WILL FINISH STRONG…HALLELUJAH…I successfully made it to the cool down and didn’t have to alter my pace!!

This workout was all about overcoming mental obstacles. I was completely depleted after this run…both mentally and physically. I was also completely ECSTATIC that I successfully maintained my pace and climbed 12 hills in a row!! If you want a challenge, this workout will challenge you in ways you might not expect…it will also reward you in ways you might not see coming!! 😉


What was your favorite workout this week?

12 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 19

  1. AH! That looks like fun to me-great job! Of course, I’m one of those folks who loves the treadmill though.

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