My #FaveWorkout – Week 21

This week my #FaveWorkout was Tuesday’s swim workout. I was supposed to have gotten up early to swim in the morning before work, but I knew I had meetings all day and would potentially have the opportunity to swim over lunch. I decided to risk it, sleep in and hope for the best…a long enough break in my meeting to swim over lunch. Thankfully luck was on my side and I was given a 90 minute lunch break…just enough time to drive to the pool, complete my hour swim, quickly shower and head back to the location we were meeting at.

I ended up having a lane all to myself for the entire swim. I wasn’t entirely sure swimming at lunch would be in my favor as sometimes the lunch hour can mean a busy pool, but this was not the case on Tuesday. Thankfully my 2900 yard swim did not need a lot of equipment changes, so I was able to limit my breaks to what was scheduled and easily complete my swim in the allotted hour.

Ladder to 300
Warm-up: 300 swim, 4 x 100 drill (50 drill, 50 free)
Main Set: 2 x 150 (15 sec), 3 x 200 (20 sec), 2 x 250 build (20 sec), 1 x 300 race pace (15 sec), 3 x 100 race pace (20 sec)
Cool-down: 200 any stroke


I was very pleased with this workout…including breaks, I swam my 2900 yards at an average pace of 1:57/100. My form felt good…I felt fast in the water and felt like I could swim forever at this faster pace. There was lots of #swimlove with this workout 🙂 Bonus…I had an AWESOME run after my meetings. The kind of run where you feel on top of the world upon completion 🙂

What was your #FaveWorkout this week?

15 thoughts on “My #FaveWorkout – Week 21

  1. Cool that your desired timing worked out in your favor! This is an interesting swim workout. I may have to give this one a try!

    So far, my tempo run earlier this week has been my favorite, but I have a 50 mile ride and 10 mile run tomorrow and Sunday, so fingers crossed that these are good ones too! I have Sundays as the end of my training week. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day! No real workouts for me this week with company visiting and our weekend getaway. I am heading to the water park at West Edmonton Mall this morning-does floating on a big tube in the wave pool count as a workout? I think YES!!

  3. Awesome that you got to sleep in and swim at lunch!! Great work out too!! I feel like an hour lunch is too long but too short for a work out!!
    My favorite work out was today. A spin and we did a simulation of a crit race. We looked at normalized power instead of our average watts!! It was so hard but so awesome!! 🙂

    1. I agree. An hour lunch is too short to do anything productive. I typically only get 30 minutes…as a teacher, it turns into 20 pretty quick. Nice work on the ride. I always look at normalized power. It is a more accurate representation of what you can really do outside on race day 😉

      1. It is always different for me when I ride outdoors vs indoors. I’ll be anxious to see how different it is for you.

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