After last Tuesday’s hilly run, I felt on top of the world!! There are times when I am tired, I lack motivation or find excuses to not complete a workout, but Tuesday’s run reminded me to #NeverGiveUp because you don’t know how rewarding that next workout just might be 🙂


I ran 9.2 miles in 1:20:00 with 10 good hill climbs. Each time I came to the base of the hill, doubts started to creep into my mind, but I immediately squashed them like a bug that splatters on the windshield while driving down the road…and.it.felt.AWESOME!!


“Pain is proof that the journey matters, and obstacles are only stepping stones to a greater destination.”

There is nothing truer than this…it is all about the journey and every journey is different. The journey isn’t always easy. It isn’t always fun. It isn’t always cooperative. It doesn’t always go according to the plan. It often has some risks. You can lay out the grandest plan to help you successfully achieve a goal, but obstacles will most likely arise at some point in your journey. There are usually obstacles that we have to overcome along the way, but these obstacles provide us with opportunities to learn, opportunities to grow, opportunities to thrive, opportunities to reach new heights, opportunities to achieve new goals, opportunities to climb mountains and opportunities to conquer dreams. Sometimes the obstacles we face seem daunting, but when we don’t give up and persevere, that is when it is very rewarding! There is nothing better than believing in yourself, your abilities and your training, only to have everything fall together in a perfect storm of pure bliss and sweet reward!!

inspire & Don't give up

There are days when I think about giving up on my dreams, but that usually only lasts a second. It may take me longer than some to achieve my dreams, but I will #NeverGiveUp! I will keep working hard until I get there and when I do, sweet reward…pure joy and satisfaction!! I can’t wait 🙂


“It would be easy to not do the work, but the course doesn’t care what you say you’ve done. It only gives you what you’ve earned.”

How do you inspire others to #NeverGiveUp?

11 thoughts on “#NeverGiveUp

  1. I’m about to embark on some pretty big things, the IM being just one of them. Part of me wants to hide. The other part is ready to take it on, all the pain, the hardship, the everything, the good, bad, and ugly, because I know I’ll be better for it just knowing I went for it. I’ll regret it if I don’t. That’s something I’m teaching my Stride kids- go for it!!!

  2. Your journey is an amazing inspiration to me 🙂 I’m far from inspiring, but am happy with my attitude to remain positive even though I don’t know what my racing future holds.

  3. Great run Kecia! Way to tackle those hills and put this awesome run under your belt. Pushing past doubt and feeling the burn can really give you a high and confidence that will keep you going strong! I LOVED this last quote…“It would be easy to not do the work, but the course doesn’t care what you say you’ve done. It only gives you what you’ve earned.” SO, SO TRUE!!

    1. Thanks Lee!! The previous week’s *meh* workouts made some this week feel AWESOME…sometimes it takes the not so great workouts to allow us to really appreciate the great ones! I love that quote too…there is nothing truer than this 😉

    1. We all have motivation that ebbs and flows. It’s ok to take a short break, but come back at it soon…it will help you feel better and also help you handle the stress the middle schoolers can cause 😉

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