My Cycling Essentials and Tour de Cure®

I am getting ready for a 5 hour trainer ride to raise money for the American Diabetes Association® and the Tour de Cure® at Kyle’s Bikes on Saturday, April 18 and thought it would be fitting to share with you my cycling essentials as I prepare for this longer trainer ride. Yes, you read that correctly…5 hours in the saddle on the trainer…and I thought 3 hours & 45 minutes last weekend was tough. Please click here to make a donation; I would be forever grateful.

My cycling essentials tend to differ just a bit depending on where I ride…am I riding outdoors or am I riding on the trainer? As you’ll see, there are some common cycling essentials for cycling in both situations, but some differences do exist.

  1. Mojo…My Specialized Transition  IMG_2011
  2. Terry Butterfly Ti Gel Saddle  Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 8.10.22 AM
  3. Specialized Cycling Shoes  IMG_2302
  4. Speedfil water bottle  IMG_3869
  5. Coeur Sports seam-free chamois tri shorts  IMG_1917
  6. Osmo Active Hyrdation  IMG_1508
  7. Hoo Ha Ride Glide  IMG_3184
  8. Garmin 910XT  IMG_2521
  9. Powertap  IMG_3036
  10. Road ID Bracelet…I never take this offIMG_3280

Trainer Rides:

  1. Kinetic Fluid Trainer
  2. Trainer Tire
  3. Trainer Skewer
  4. Sweat towels…lots of them

Outdoor Rides:

  1. Bell Cycling Helmet  IMG_3868
  2. Tifosi Sunglasses  IMG_3867
  3. Bonk Breaker Bars (on the longer rides)

    Photo courtesy of Bonk Breaker
    Photo courtesy of Bonk Breaker
  4. Barnana (on the longer rides)…if you order from Barnana, please feel free to use my discount code Coeur15 for 15% off your order 🙂IMG_1931

What are your cycling essentials? Have you ever raced or participated in an event for a charity? If so, which event and which charity?

16 thoughts on “My Cycling Essentials and Tour de Cure®

  1. Five hours in the saddle – on the trainer – you go girl! Do you at least get to take breaks or use the bathroom? Are there rules? Are you planning on doing this in a group setting or… any entertainment?

    1. We can take breaks if needed, but some people are donating per mile, so I’ll be on and working hard. There will be 2 other people riding as well, hopefully more 😉 We will have music and hope to be entertained by people coming to support the cause, shopping and enjoying the day. 😉

    1. It will be tough, but hopefully there is enough going on around us to distract us a bit. I think we’ll be incorporating some intervals, but we are going to wait and decide when we get a better feel for our environment 😉

  2. Yes!!! This is going to be awesome!! This is a huge mental challenge. Almost more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge!! 🙂 It is good training too! Good luck!!!
    I think you have all the right essentials! I use Nuun and Scratch. I like Picky Bars and Clif Bars!

    1. Thanks Leslie!! I’m looking forward to overcoming the mental challenge and conquering a time and distance on the trainer I have not done before. 🚴🏻😊

    1. Thanks Erin!! Due to severe weather here today, we have to postpone to next Saturday. Riding outside on the trainer in severe weather is not advised not is it good for electronics 😢

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