Mother Nature…GRRR

We are suppose to be getting ready to ride on our trainers for 5 hours at Kyle’s Bikes to raise money for the Tour de Cure, but Mother Nature had other plans. We’ve had severe thunderstorms this morning. There is a small break in the storms and more are to come this afternoon. In talking with Kyle, he recommended that we postpone our fundraising ride for a week and try for next Saturday instead. Riding outside on trainers in thunderstorms with electronic devices (computers, speakers for music, etc.) is not advised.

Loaded and ready to go…
Darn you Mother Nature!!


So in the mean time, we will keep fundraising and hope for better weather next week!!

Have you ever made plans that you’ve been UBBER excited for and Mother Nature has derailed them? Tell me about your experience.


14 thoughts on “Mother Nature…GRRR

  1. I get that!! I’m sitting in my car watching my son’s soccer game since it’s buggy AND raining. Forecast was 80 and sunny, so we were going to do the game, take pictures for my new endeavor, and then play outside the rest of the day. Um, no. Last year I had many rides and open water swims ruined for the weather too. It stinks!!! Sorry!

  2. Wow. I just assumed that you were riding the trainers indoors. Weather was perfect in MN this morning, and I had a great time at the Hot Chocolate 15k. When I read the title of your post, I assumed that you were frustrated that the weather was perfect for a long outdoor ride and that you were stuck indoors…oops…

    1. If only they had room indoors for us, it would have been ideal. If this keeps up, rivers are going to be out of their banks. It just won’t stop pouring, thundering and lightning.

  3. I have had plenty of races that were not good weather! I only had one race that adjusted the course because of weather but I don’t think I have ever had anything cancelled!! So sorry about this especially because it was a fundraiser! But like you said you have 1 extra week to fundraise. I am sure next week the weather will be amazing!! 🙂

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